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13.03.2020 – 10:27

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Circular Economy Action Plan: EU wants more sustainable electronics

Circular Economy Action Plan: EU wants more sustainable electronics
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The European Commission just published its Circular Economy Action Plan, aiming to pave Europe’s way towards a sustainable products policy and a circular economy. One of its goals is to encourage businesses to offer, and to allow consumers to choose, reusable, durable and repairable products—and the Right to Repair is about to become an essential piece of that puzzle.

Remember when toxic lead was a common petrol ingredient? Or when cars had no seat belts or catalytic converters, cigarettes were sold without health warnings, and food had no nutrition labeling? It’s hard, but it was everyday life for decades.

Those three big industries—food, health, and automotive—were brought under public oversight to limit negative impacts on the environment and human health and safety, at least in some areas. It makes sense to extend this oversight to the electronics industry. How we use, repair, and discard electronics have a big impact on both the environment and human health.

According to a new Eurobarometer survey, more than 90% of European citizens want to protect the environment and climate. With its proposals, the European Commission is getting serious about making that wish come true: The CEAP targets many aspects of daily life including electronics, textiles, construction, food, and plastics. The plan highlights the need for policy frameworks and stands to be a solid blueprint for the Right to Repair. And all that lines up beautifully with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

But how exactly does the CEAP aim to address the throwaway economy and establish a Right to Repair? iFixit explains.

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