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05.11.2019 – 12:58

LOG Pharma

LOG Pharma Packaging to Launch ActiveGuard® CONNECT(TM) at CPhI Worldwide 2019

Frankfurt, Germany (ots/PRNewswire)

Smart packaging solution boosts medication adherence by 23%

LOG Pharma Packaging announced today that it will launch its innovative patent pending line of ActiveGuard® CONNECT(TM) smart packaging solutions at CPhI Worldwide 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany from 5-7 November.

ActiveGuard® CONNECT(TM) was developed in cooperation with Water.IO, with the goal of addressing the lack of patient adherence to prescription medicine or supplementation of nutraceuticals. Low and inconsistent adherence is responsible for 33% of medicine-related hospitalizations, an estimated 125K deaths every year in the US alone, and $300B in avoidable costs to the health care system annually.

ActiveGuard® CONNECT(TM) features a smart IoT component with integrated desiccant chamber that links and synchronizes with a patient's smartphone. The smart packaging product enables indication of taken doses, tracks temperature within the bottle, and can remind or alert patients as needed to drive adherence.

LOG Pharma's smart packaging solution enables Big Data analysis based on historical and real-time data to track compliance and empower pharma & nutraceutical manufacturers to improve medication and supplement efficiency. It also provides manufacturers with a unique connection to engage with the end-customer and build a long-term relationship while increasing sales.

"With only 30-50% medication adherence rate within the general population, ActiveGuard® CONNECT(TM) harnesses IoT technology and innovation to deliver a patient-centric solution. Using smart packaging and active customer engagement has been proven to increase adherence by 23%. We are proud to add ActiveGuard® CONNECT(TM) to LOG's line of high-quality innovative and smart packaging products for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets," said Ephraim Ulmer, CEO of LOG Pharma Packaging.

For more information about ActiveGuard® CONNECT(TM) or LOG's other innovative packaging solutions, visit us at our stand 111F60 in the InnoPack Zone.

About LOG

Established in 1971, LOG Pharma Packaging is the trusted partner of global pharmaceutical companies providing innovative primary packaging solutions. LOG offers a broad range of packaging solutions to ensure that both tablets and liquid formulations are delivered in excellent condition. LOG produces a wide range of innovative active and passive barrier solutions that shorten drug formulation development time, reduce time-to-market (TTM), extend shelf life and assist in passing drug stability tests. All pharma products are fully compliant with US FDA and European pharmacopoeia standards. For more information on LOG's packaging solutions, visit

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