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16.09.2019 – 19:15


Santen Makes Waves at ESCRS 2019 With Significant Expansion Into Surgical Devices and Publication of Real-world Evidence in Dry Eye Disease

Geneva (ots/PRNewswire)

Santen EMEA's significant expansion into the surgical devices arena is underlined by the company's activities at this year's European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) congress. In addition to the launch of a new monofocal, hydrophobic intraocular lens (IOL), xact(TM) Mono-EDoF(TM), a panel of experts including Ike K. Ahmed, will review current surgical techniques and introduce Santen's PRESERFLO(TM) MicroShunt device as part of the 'What do you expect from glaucoma surgery?' symposium (Sunday, September 15th, 13:00 - 14:00, in South 4). PRESERFLO(TM) MicroShunt is a state-of-the-art surgical device, designed in collaboration with ophthalmologists that helps to drain eye fluid and reduce intraocular pressure (IOP) for patients suffering from primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG).

"With the launch of our new, pioneering intraocular lens and continued roll-out for the innovative PRESERFLO(TM) MicroShunt, Santen's position as a specialist and leader in ophthalmology is further strengthened," commented Luis Iglesias, Head of Santen EMEA."In addition to our surgical devices offering, we continue to invest in our pharmaceutical portfolio including our ongoing commitment to real-world evidence to support the use of our medicines in a clinical setting."

The 24-week results of PERSPECTIVE, an ongoing 12 month, non-interventional, multi-centre, European, prospective study have been presented at ESCRS 2019 (Tuesday 17th September, 14:48 to 14:56) as a poster. The study evaluated the effectiveness, tolerability and safety of cyclosporine A (CsA) 0.1% eye drop emulsion, marketed as IKERVIS®, in controlling severe keratitis and other parameters including improvement of symptoms, in adult dry eye patients, who had previously failed to respond to artificial tear treatments. The interim analysis data demonstrated that CsA 0.1% eye drop emulsion provides an effective, well tolerated and safe treatment at Week 24, compared with baseline, in adults with dry eye disease (DED) and severe keratitis. Key findings include:1

- CsA 0.1% eye drop emulsion provided significant improvements in 
  corneal fluorescein staining (CFS) grade at Week 24 (77.4%) 
- Statistically significant improvements were also demonstrated at 
  Week 24, from baseline, concerning tear break-up time (TBUT) as 
  well as objective and subjective measures 
- Most physicians regarded CsA 0.1% eye drop emulsion to be more 
  effective than previous treatments. Both physicians and patients 
  rated the tolerability of treatment highly 
- Most treatment-related adverse events (TRAEs) were localised at the
  administration site and 67.7% were recovered without issue 

Beyond this, Santen EMEA is hosting a range of educational events, both as part of the scientific programme as well as on our exhibition booth with the continuation of our Booth Talks initiative. Led by a number of international experts in their field, this way of engaging delegates aims to create another congress environment for peer-to-peer best practice sharing.

Date/time   Event         Location
Sunday 15th What do you   South 4 
September   expect from           
13:00 -     glaucoma              
14:00       surgery?Prof.         
            Prof. Alain           
            Bron, Prof.           
            Ike Ahmed and         
            Prof. Florent         
Monday 16th Post-cataract West 3  
September   infections:           
13:00 -     Prevention,           
14:00       management            
            and the               
            Prof. Thomas          
            Kohnen, Prof.         
            Malyugin and          
            Dr. Ali               
Monday 16th New concept   West 1  
September   monofocal IOL         
18:15-19:15 with                  
            Spalton, Dr.          
            Kretz, Prof.          
            Gerd U                
            Auffarth and          
            Dr. Mark              
Booth Talks
Saturday    How can we    Booth   
14th        make a real   A116    
September   difference in         
10:00 -     Dry Eye over          
10:30       the                   
            Prof. Stefano         
13:00 -     First        
13:30       clinical     
            and bench    
            testing with 
            depth of     
            focus IOL    
            Prof. David  
15:30 -     Growing      
16:00       evidence on  
            Prof. Florent
Sunday 15th PRESERFLO(TM)
September   MicroShunt:  
15:30-16:00 Learning from
            userProf. Ike
Monday 16th Cationic     
September   emulsion role
15:30 -     in Dry Eye   
16:00       management   
            Prof. Oksana 

In addition to our expansion into surgical devices, we are engaged in research to support patients following ophthalmic surgery. Prof. Francesco Bandello will discuss 'Post-cataract infections: prevention, management and the future' and introduce new data considering the optimal management of post-cataract infectious complications. The discussion will address whether the use of a new topical combination of levofloxacin and dexamethasone followed by dexamethasone alone is not inferior to the standard 2-week tobramycin and dexamethasone treatment in preventing and treating ocular inflammation and in averting infections after cataract surgery.2

We are delighted to share these advancements with the community at ESCRS 2019 and look forward to interfacing with the ophthalmology to further address the clinical needs in the ophthalmology community.


2. Data on file: LEADER7  

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