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27.01.2021 – 15:08

Mymito GmbH

Cubit coffee table 12 sizes, 10 colours

Cubit coffee table 12 sizes, 10 colours
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Cubit coffee table 12 sizes, 10 colours

The Cubit Sofa coffee tables are available in a total of 12 sizes and in 10 colours. The tables are adapted to the heights of the Cubit Sofa and can therefore also be integrated flush into sofa landscapes. The minimalist coffee tables are produced in East-Westphalia.

Using the clean lines and dimensions of the Cubit sofa modules (including two heights: 31 and 41 centimetres, like the sofa), the Cubit coffee table gives a new dimension to the living room, offices, hotels and bars, bringing the touch of minimalism characteristic of the Cubit design.

Among the 10 RAL colors of the coffee table, there are dynamic colors such as red or yellow, but also more sober colors: gray, blue, green, black, beige…

About the designer, Olaf Schroeder:

Berlin based industrial designer Olaf Schroeder is known for his purist, timeless designs. After successfully designing the Cubit Sofa System, he now adds an associated minimalistic coffee table concept. He deliberately resolves the clear design language of the solid sofa elements in its outlines. This creates light & visually floating silhouettes.

Despite their light appearance, the modular tables are extremely stable thanks to the use of folded and welded sheet metal. The coffee tables are available in 12 different sizes, which integrate harmoniously into any individual Cubit sofa configuration, but also look great as a solo piece.

About Cubit

The Cubit furniture brand was founded by Minou Farkhondeh and Thomas Reichel in Düsseldorf in 2006 with the intention to design high-quality furniture in a clean design: cube shelving, modular sofa, chair...

Our demands with regard to design, functionality and quality of material are very high and evolve with each new project. We offer the basis for an individual interior: it is the client alone who decides on the final look of his furniture.

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