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29.07.2020 – 19:25

Mymito GmbH

New: Modular chair system in contemporary design

New: Modular chair system in contemporary design
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New: Modular chair system in contemporary design

Designer bar stool, bench, armchair, or dining chair: the new modular chair system by Cubit offers unlimited options. Different shapes, colours, and dimensions allow design lovers to create great individual seating furniture. For durable and therefore sustainable chairs, destined to be your favourites - all made in Germany.

The modular chair system created by designer Tim Defleur is a modular system for interior designers, architects and all lovers of contemporary design. By mixing different chair types, fabrics, and colours, countless variations can be created. Two armrests, just one, or better no armrest at all? Normal height or bar stool? Single or double-width seat? Cubit customers can choose the design and finishes of the chairs according to their personal taste. The new modular chair family by Cubit is rounded off by a lounge chair available in three different variations.

Minimalism with maximum comfort

Tim Defleur designed these unique chairs with a view to the cubic shape. In order to find the perfect alliance between minimalist design and comfort, he analysed posture and sitting behaviour in cooperation with Cubit and developed numerous prototypes. The result is a chair system that incorporates suppleness and comfort in every surface and edge. The French designer calls this "warm minimalism".

Sustainable design made in Germany

For maximum durability and comfort, the elements are upholstered with high-quality materials. The powder-coated and therefore solvent-free chair legs are also very resistant. All essential components of the chair system are produced in East Westphalia within a radius of 50 kilometres.

About the designer, Tim Defleur:

'I am an industrial designer based in Lille, France, specialising in product and furniture design. In addition to developing product designs, I also work in the fields of design theory and design language. I worked for 5 years as assistant to Alain Gilles in Brussels before I decided to start my own business in 2019. Since then I have been working as a freelance designer on various projects - in the product and service sector.

For me, design is based on observation - people's habits are my best source of inspiration!'

About Cubit:

The Cubit furniture brand was founded in Düsseldorf in 2006 by Minou Farkhondeh and Thomas Reichel. With the aim of creating high-quality modular furniture with a sophisticated design: cube shelving, sofas, chairs, and coffee tables. Cubit's requirements in terms of design, functionality, and quality of materials are extremely high and evolve with each new project. Individual modules, the so-called "Bits for Living", make it possible to create individual furniture. And these can be re-invented by the customer at any time.

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