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03.03.2020 – 13:51

Mymito GmbH

Judith de Graaff's Colourful Interior; with Sofa, Sideboard and Lamp by Cubit!

Judith de Graaff's Colourful Interior; with Sofa, Sideboard and Lamp by Cubit!
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Judith de Graaff’s Colourful Interior; with Sofa, Sideboard and Lamp by Cubit!

In her cheerful and colourful interior, the blogger Judith de Graaff ( offers pride of place to the furniture of the Cubit brand! Sofa, sideboard and lamp: the loft in which Judith lives with her husband, their three cats and countless plants features the entire product range.

Modular sideboard in Pastel Colours

MODULAR & CUSTOMISABLE! Those are the main features of the Cubit shelving system. Available in 24 colours and 34 formats, the storage cubes offer endless possibilities. In order to facilitate the choice of colours, a set of samples may be ordered at

From these samples, Judith de Graaff chose 5 finishes: rose light, rose, peppermint light, lagoon light and amber oak veneer.

The result: a pastel-coloured sideboard for plants, decorative objects or more books.

Cubit furniture is adaptable. Thanks to its ingenious cube system, the modules can be rearranged to create a new piece of furniture.

Judith de Graaff: "Our new rainbow sideboard by Cubit "


The storage cubes of the modular Cubit shelving system characterised by a high-quality finish can be easily assembled (no tools needed!) to create a modular and adaptable piece of furniture:

bookcase, suspended shelving, sideboard, TV unit, bedside table, corner shelving, shelving under stairs and slanted ceilings, or just the storage cube on its own...

Let your creativity run wild and modify your piece of furniture as you please by rearranging the cubes!

Modular Sofa in Grey and Pink

Thanks to 100 colours and 300 formats, our modular sofa system with its clean design adapts to any need. So, a sofa can be created that is almost made-to-measure.

For her sofa, Judith de Graaff chose a combination of pink and grey. Colours that perfectly match her living room.

By rearranging the modules and placing them in new positions, you can easily redesign your sofa according to your needs and wishes.

The sofa can be designed online with the help of a design tool with which you can choose the formats and colours of the modules.

You can order fabric samples online to help you make your choice. We also offer the rental of test sofa modules so you can experience how comfortable they are.

Judith de Graaff: "Our new pink & grey sofa from Cubit"


Modular Lamp Made of Wood

The latest creation from the product range of the German brand: the modular lamp! Judith decided to have her lamp correlate with her sideboard. Here, you will rediscover the oak and pastel colours and, to give her interior that certain something, a touch of flashy coral.

The lamp can be designed online, as is the case for the sofa and shelving, with the help of the configurator.

Two models with six different fabrics are available for the lampshade. The stand of the lamp consists of five wooden modules (beech or ash), available in six colours and three finishes (varnished, matt, gloss) and also in oiled ash.

The two bases, available in the same finishes as the elements of the stand, complete the lamp. The result: a high-quality lamp with a unique style which can be redesigned on a daily basis by rearranging individual elements.

About Cubit:

The Cubit furniture brand was founded by Minou Farkhondeh and Thomas Reichel in Düsseldorf in 2006 with the intention to design high-quality furniture in a clean design: cube shelving, modular sofa, customisable lamp...

Our demands with regard to design, functionality and quality of material are very high and evolve with each new project. We offer the basis for an individual interior: it is the client alone who decides on the final look of his furniture.

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