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26.09.2019 – 13:19

Mymito GmbH

Stow away your vinyls with shelving and sideboard by Cubit

Stow away your vinyls with shelving and sideboard by Cubit
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Stow away your vinyls with shelving and sideboard by Cubit

The modules of our shelving system are always conceived according to the motto 'form follows function'. Thus, the 34 available module sizes by Cubit were chosen precisely to accommodate not only common formats of books, magazines, folders, DVD, CD... but also vinyls and amps!

We have designed three modules for the purpose of storing records: LP20, OT36-24 and OT36-16. The shelving module LP20 allows you to store about forty records. "LP" stands for "long play", "20" stands for its width in centimetres.

The module "OT36-24" can store up to 70 records. "OT" stands for "open top" which means that the module opens at the top. "36-24" indicates its width and height in centimetres.

Thanks to the hi-fi module's door, the amp can be hidden. A large opening at the back of the hi-fi module enables the running of cables.

White, black, canary yellow, orange, red, green, blue, lilac, turquoise, grey, pink... Like the other formats, the record modules are manufactured in 22 colours and 2 wood veneers (walnut and amber oak).

With Cubit's modular shelving system, the shelving modules in high-quality finishes are easily assembled (without any tools!) so you can create modular and dynamic furniture: library, suspended shelving, sideboard, TV furniture, bedside table, corner shelving, shelving for under stairs and slanting ceilings, individual storage modules... Let your creativity run wild and modify your furniture according to your desires by changing the modules around!

About Cubit:

Minou Farkhondeh and Thomas Reichel founded the Cubit furniture brand in Düsseldorf in 2006. The objective was to create high-end modular furniture with a refined design: cube shelving, modular sofa, and customisable lamp... Our demands in terms of design, functionality and material quality are very high and evolve with each new project. We offer the basis for customised furniture: the clients themselves choose the final look of their furniture.

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