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13.08.2019 – 12:25

Mymito GmbH

The modular sofa by Cubit: a real play area for children!

The modular sofa by Cubit: a real play area for children!
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The modular sofa by Cubit: a real play area for children!

It's well known that children love to play on sofas; building huts, using them as trampolines... it's no different with Cubit's modular sofa! With its colourful elements of different heights, depths and widths it is in itself a real invitation to play. But don't panic, Cubit's sofa is manufactured in Germany with top-of-the-range materials that guarantee great durability over time. With its high-quality foams and its removable covers that can be dry-cleaned, Cubit's sofa will be able to cope with the challenges of your charming little ones.

Our modular sofa system adapts to every need with its sleek design of over 100 colours and 300 different sizes. It enables you create a sofa which is (almost) made to measure. Reinvent the design of the modular sofa whenever you feel like it by changing the modules around according to your mood.

You can design the sofa online using a design tool that allows you to choose the dimensions and colours of the modules. Fabric samples can be ordered online to help you with your choice. You can also rent a test sofa and discover its sitting comfort in your own home.

Cubit's modular sofa system offers unlimited possibilities. Have a look at our projects for inspiration and arrangement ideas. From the armchair to the largest corner sofa and the two-seater sofa. From the plain sofa in a minimalist design to the most exuberant sofa created from fabrics in different colours.

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About Cubit:

Minou Farkhondeh and Thomas Reichel founded the Cubit furniture brand in Düsseldorf in 2006. The objective was to create high-end modular furniture with a refined design: cube shelving, modular sofa, and customisable lamp... Our requirements in terms of design, functionality and material quality are very high and evolve with each new project. We offer the basis for customised furniture: the clients themselves choose the final look of their furniture.

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