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23.09.2019 – 18:16

Stadt Qingdao

Qingdao launches 15 campaigns to activate the city - Be responsible for implementation and bring vitality to the city

Qingdao launches 15 campaigns to activate the city - Be responsible for implementation and bring vitality to the city
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Qingdao (ots)

The success of the 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit brings Qingdao to not only the spotlight of global stage but also the new starting point of development. To deeply carry out President Xi Jinping's important instruction of "properly organizing a summit to activate a city and building it into a modern international metropolis" and CPC Shandong Provincial Committee's requirement for building Qingdao into the province's bridgehead toward global opening-up and development, Qingdao has launched 15 campaigns, formulated and implemented plans to crack the nuts in its urban development and strive to activate the city and forge a new strategic pivot for the in-depth opening-up in the northern side of Yangtze River since the beginning of this year.

The 15 campaigns are in the aspects of ocean development, investment and talent attraction, transport infrastructures, military-civil integrated development, rural rejuvenation, development breakthroughs in Pingdu and Leixi, construction of an international center of shipping, trade, finance and innovation, high-end manufacturing + AI, further reforms in SOEs, private economy enhancement, sci-tech driven city, urban quality improvement, international vogue city, efficient Qingdao and safe Qingdao. The 15 campaigns are also 15 reform issues. Victory in the campaigns will fulfill President Xi's instructions and CPC Shandong Provincial Committee's requirements for Qingdao and showcase the city's spirit of brave practice.

The 15 campaigns represent the top-level design for the city's development. During the period from April 14 to June 2, a total of 15 defenses in the evenings were held on the plans of these campaigns. Each defense lasted four to five hours with about 700 participants. The defense group made up of municipal leaders and persons in charge of relevant departments introduced the implementation plans consisting of overall requirements, tasks and measures via PPT presentations and video data. Nearly 30 people including municipal leaders, experts, scholars, representatives of commercial chambers, associations and entrepreneurs as well as municipal-, district- and department-level directors submitted questions or gave suggestions. The defenses streamlined the tasks, reasons and methods through brainstorms to drive people at all levels to shoulder the responsibilities of policy formulation, increase the systematicness, entirety and collaboration of policy formulation and implementation, improve the reasonableness, prudence and stability of public policies, and cultivate the cadres' ability to face the mass and media.

The conclusion of the defenses means the start of the campaigns. The implementation plans for the 15 campaigns were modified, improved, and then approved by the CPC committee and municipal government of Qingdao one by one, and publicized on Qingdao Daily as commitments to the society. Prior to the annual sessions of municipal-level people's congress and CPPCC, defenses on the progress of the plans will be held to facilitate the supervision by the municipal-level people's congress and CPPCC, the media and the public and boost the full-range transparency of the policies.

Currently, Qingdao is focusing on the campaigns and taking immediate actions. It will consistently push forward the work in a coordinated way, make breakthroughs in reform and development, accelerate the construction of an open, modern, vital and fashionable international metropolis and realize the beautiful blueprint President Xi delineated for the city.


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