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03.06.2019 – 10:38


NextGen payments provider builds customer authentication solution with Netcetera technology, to help merchants adapt to new 3D Secure 2.0 regulation and enhance customer checkout success rates

Israel (ots/PRNewswire)

Credorax, the NextGen merchant acquiring bank providing cross-border processing for ecommerce and omni-channel payments, announced today its launch of its Smart 3D Secure solution in partnership with digital payment expert and leading software company Netcetera. This Smart 3D Secure solution was built in-house by Credorax on top of Netcetera's advanced 3D Secure core technology, which is EMVCo certified and compliant with major EMV 3D Secure scheme programs. Credorax has implemented the Necetera solution into its payment processing gateway and added an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based optimization engine that analyses each transaction in real-time for the best business results. This early-market offering will assist merchants with their compliance requirements to card schemes and European regulations in the most seamless way possible, ensuring high acceptance rates.

"New mandated processing requirements can be seen as a burden, but they can also drive innovation. In this instance, it inspired us to develop a solution for optimized usage of 3D Secure, facilitating frictionless customer authentication and smooth customer experiences," said Moshe Selfin, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Credorax. "We are excited to partner with Netcetera to launch this NextGen solution, which offers our merchants the added advantage of compliancy to the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements in the upcoming Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2)."

While confusion still surrounds PSD2 in Europe and the transition to the new 3D Secure 2.0 protocol going into effect this year, Credorax's Smart 3D Secure ensures that companies fully comply with the PSD2 requirements for Strong Consumer Authentication. It also comes with compelling business benefits, helping merchants improve conversions, optimise their checkout process, reduce fraud, and stay protected from fraudulent chargeback liability. Using Netcetera's core technology, Credorax's new Smart 3D Secure offers secure user authentication, supporting 3D Secure protocols 1 and 2, as well as a fully comprehensive mobile application SDK. In addition, Cerdorax's 3D Secure Adviser is an AI-based flexible decision layer that analyses each transaction in real time and decides on the best 3D Secure routing, including risk assessment and exemption management.

"We are excited to build on our strong relationship with Credorax, a company that understands the evolutionary loops in tech and regulation and can react quickly to best serve their customers," said Andrej Vckovski, CEO of Netcetera. "We are proud to provide the technology on which Credorax has built this industry-leading seamless and flexible solution, to guide merchants through regulatory complexities, and pave the way for a future of compliant and optimised global payments."

"Building on industry-leading Netcetera 3D Secure technology, Credorax adds its cutting-edge technological expertise and AI capabilities, giving merchants and payment service providers further advantage in the ever-competitive online commerce market," says Moshe Selfin.

Credorax provides merchants the necessary tools to win customers and drive growth, and its Smart 3D Secure is its latest innovation to leverage artificial intelligence to combat fraud and increase transaction approvals without requiring any additional integration beyond Credorax's payment API. Additionally, Credorax also offers consulting services for merchants who want to make better decisions, driven by data insights and 3D Secure and PSD2 expertise.

To celebrate the launch of their Smart 3D Secure, Credorax will be hosting a joint Happy Hour with Netcetera on June 3, during Money 20/20 Europe in Amsterdam.

About Credorax:

Credorax is a licensed NextGen merchant acquiring bank providing cross-border processing for ecommerce and omni-channel payments. Our core gateway technology, SourceTM, has been developed in-house to provide a streamlined payments experience so smart, that merchants can reach their full business potential simply by better managing their payments. Credorax merchants process in over 120 currencies, accept a wide range of alternative payment methods, and get paid in their currency of choice. Our merchants also enjoy best-in-class approval rate optimisation, advanced fraud protection, business intelligence and a host of other value-added services and products adding up to a payments experience unlike any other.

About Netcetera:

As a leading Swiss software company, Netcetera supports its customers worldwide with trend-setting products and custom software. They cover the entire IT service lifecycle, from strategy to implementation and operation. The balanced combination of cutting-edge technology and proven standards ensures investment security, from large-scale projects to innovative start-ups. As payment expert and market leader in 3-D Secure, they offer innovative digital payment solutions for 3-D Secure, mobile contactless payment, digital wallets, risk-based and convenient authentication or digital banking apps.

The company's 500 employees have one common goal: to help its customers reach their digital business targets. Founded in 1996, Netcetera is a holding company with headquarters in Zurich. They are located in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, Macedonia, and the United Arab Emirates.

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