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26.04.2019 – 10:00

Battery Supplies

Charge your batteries with BATTERY SUPPLIES

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What would we do without batteries nowadays? Not a lot, probably! Batteries ensure your phone and laptop are working, but they also make our cars and trucks drive. More and more material handling vehicles, like forklifts and pallet trucks become electrically-driven, as well as scissor lifts, cleaning machines and golf carts. Electrical bikes are become more popular than ever. And for a long time now, also the solar industry relies on all kinds of battery technologies. One of the largest battery suppliers in Europe is BATTERY SUPPLIES NV/SA from Belgium. Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Battery Supplies NV/SA was established in 1999 by Hans Weyme and Alexander De Soete. This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary. The company that initially started in the local sales of traction batteries and starter batteries has become an international total supplier of all kinds of battery technologies and battery accessories, active in many different markets and industries.

Our core business still lies with the logistic and industrial market, but over the last eight years we have developed a full range of batteries suitable for the leisure, solar and marine industry.

Battery Supplies NV/SA has invested in large stock facilities in Belgium (15.000 m²) and France (Lyon) in order to be flexible and fast-responding to the needs of our distributors and OEM customers. We pride ourselves for our very wide variety of batteries and accessories. Especially in the solar market, we sell a full range of open lead acid batteries (both US deepcycle and European semitraction batteries), gel and agm batteries, purelead batteries and starter batteries. We also invest in new technologies: last year we introduced our lead carbon range as a very interesting alternative for other maintenance-free batteries as they will perform twice as long as gel batteries and more than three times as long as agm batteries. Since several years customers in the solar market become more and more interested in the advantages of lithium batteries in terms of fast-charging, intermediate charging and light weight. We offer different solutions in LifePO4 technology, from drop-in replacement blocks, over more flexible block battery systems up to 100% custom-made battery packs meeting the specific demands of the customer.

Our company currently employs close to 100 staff in Belgium and France and has a sales network of battery distributors all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Battery Supplies currently also has several Battery Street shops in Belgium, The Netherlands and Malta.

With also a full range of battery accessories like chargers, boosters, battery desulphators, connectors, plugs and battery balancers available we offer real solutions for real battery problems.

The advantages of our company is our very wide variety of products available in one shop, the large stock our company has, allowing for an immediate availability or fast shipment and the knowledge of our 20 years' experience in battery business to find solutions for your questions.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information on any of our battery ranges or a copy of our accessories catalogue or battery catalogue via

Or visit our booth at the Smarter E exhibition, Booth B1.155, to get a first impression of our company and products.


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