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07.03.2019 – 14:00

DVORAK - svahove sekacky Ltd

Spider 2SGS - specially designed for solar farms, but also operating well for general slope mowing in warmer climates

Pohled (ots)

Dvorak, the Czech Republic-based manufacturer of the Spider range of remote-controlled slope mowers, has introduced the Spider 2SGS, a remote-controlled mower specially designed for the maintenance of turf areas around photovoltaic (PV) panels on solar farms. Adapted from their Spider ILD02 slope mower, the Spider 2SGS features upgraded hydraulic motors and a lower profile, making it ideal for maintaining the turf beneath and around PV panels.

Lubor Hladik, Spider's International Sales Manager said, "Spiders' ethos has always been about efficiency, safe working and effectiveness and we are now applying this to solar farms, sometimes known as solar parks or solar fields. With some of the world's biggest solar farms located in the USA and with the majority of states offering incentives, we see this as a growing business opportunity.

"Shading can have a huge impact on the performance of photovoltaic panels and just a small amount can significantly reduce the performance of the entire solar photovoltaic panels system. That's why it's vitally important to keep the areas maintained around these panels. Loss of generated energy equates to loss of income for the solar farm operator, so the maintenance of these areas cannot be underestimated. The Spider 2SGS is also the only machine on the market with test certification relating to thrown objects. PV panels are fragile, so damage limitation is a priority and we can prove that our machines meet the approved international standards. We are doing everything we can to help the solar farm operators to maximize their return on investment.


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