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13.12.2018 – 09:30


Führerbunker VR - Experience the End of the Third Reich in Hitler's Last Hideout

Hannover, Germany (ots)

   - Historically authentic VR reconstruction of the so-called
   - Kick-off project of Time & History
     (, a VR documentary series    
   - Developed by German VR studio NORD/VR Funded by nordmedia 
   - Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH    

VR developer NORD/VR creates an authentic reconstruction of the so-called Führerbunker. The VR documentary is funded by nordmedia with 60,000 Euro.

Adolf Hitler's destroyed air-raid shelter in Berlin can soon be re-accessed via VR: The user can explore the bunker freely or take a guided tour. The historical events that took place in the shelter during the last days of World War II are portrayed through 3D scenes or narrated.

Responsible education, not mystification: Experiencing its collapse through VR, impressively conveys the contrast between the propagated superiority and the dreadful reality of the ideology.

About the project:

Martin Schwiezer, Project Director

"Cowering fearfully ten meters below the ground, killing each other as well as themselves. The shocking details of the end of an ideology driven by racism, cruelty and megalomania are a memorial to the insanity of totalitarian regimes that must not be forgotten."

The project is a prelude to Time & History, a new VR documentary series, where destroyed or inaccessible historical places are reconstructed in VR to allow people from all over the world to visit them.

Führerbunker VR is developed as a room-scale experience (allowing totally free or teleport movement inside the bunker) for Oculus Rift, Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. Alternatively, Führerbunker VR can also be launched on a standard Windows PC display without VR features.


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