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28.05.2019 – 15:52

Lamilux Heinrich Strunz GmbH

PR: Continuous Rooflight with rainproof ventilation

PR: Continuous Rooflight with rainproof ventilation
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At the BAU 2019 Trade Fair, LAMILUX and roda will be presenting their first product cooperation since the ventilation specialist became part of the LAMILUX Group: the tried and tested LAMILUX Continuous Rooflight B is combined with the roda MEGAPHEONIX ventilation and SHEV flap. The advantage: a thermally separated continuous rooflight with rainproof ventilation function.

Particularly within factory halls and heat production operations, it is essential to have continuous ventilation and a reliable smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system (SHEV). The combination of the LAMILUX Continuous Rooflight B and the MEGAPHOENIX from roda, means that ventilation is now also possible even when it's raining. A VdS certification is just one proof of the SHEV qualities of the MEGAPHOENIX.

Made-to-measure rainproof ventilation

The element guarantees all-weather ventilation through its weather-resistant side opening flaps. These open automatically as soon as the top-mounted flaps closed when it begins to rain. "This rainproof ventilation represents one of the biggest enhancements to the LAMILUX product range", explains Joachim Hessemer, Technical Director for Daylight Systems at LAMILUX.

The Continuous Rooflight B can be made-to-measure for the relevant building use, through the diverse glazing types, the custom-fit, as well as the numerous variants, such as those for increased chemical resistance and production with cooling lubricants. As an option, fall-through, insect and glare protection grids can also be installed, which are a useful addition for food production, for example.

An additional, continuous EPDM insulation level below the PVC base profile guarantees the optimum water drainage of the continuous rooflight, while ensuring the high airtightness of the element, together with the avoidance of thermal bridges. An integrated isothermal load converter ensures the load is directly channelled, which prevents serious storm damage that could be caused by a possible zip effect.

A cooperation that benefits customers

The two daylight and ventilation technology specialists are cooperating ever more closely on their product range: roda is combining its impressive know-how in ventilation technology, with LAMILUX's expertise in thermal technology and energy efficiency. And the customers of both companies are benefiting from the intensive collaboration between the various technical departments: It means it is now possible to respond ever more broadly to all types of application scenarios and customer requests.

"This initial joint development will be followed by many, many more", confirms Joachim Hessemer. "The specialists in both companies are working extremely closely together, and are contributing their expertise as well as their knowledge of the current market trends and demand, to the product development process."


About the LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group

The LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group is one of the world's largest producers of high-tech composites made of carbon fibre and glass fibre-reinforced plastics and, in Germany and Europe, the Group is one of the leading manufacturers of daylight systems, glass roof constructions and complex building control systems. Based in Rehau, this internationally active, family business generated net sales of 317 million Euro in 2018. There are currently about 1200 employees working within the corporate group. The Group also includes the steel and metal construction specialist MIROTEC, as well as roda, a manufacturer of SHEV systems.

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