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07.11.2018 – 17:53

KLM Holdings

KLM Holdings Reports on Samsung, With Higher Profits and a New Product Line

Tokyo (ots/PRNewswire)

KLM Holdings research and analysis department has commented on Samsung as they will announce their new foldable smartphone to its developer conference this week.

The new device will be a new concept both in its design and user interface. Samsung has already recorded a higher operating profit at around $15.5 billion U.S Dollars in its most recent quarter ending in September 2018; a 21 percent increase from its previous quarter.

"Samsung has had a great year so far, every quarter has seen a significant increase and to top that it's unveiling a new product line which will be completely new with its foldable smartphone," commented a research analyst at Japanese based wealth management company, KLM Holdings.

Samsung has stated that they are looking for critical feedback at its conference this week from mainly an audience of developers to ensure that the applications will be compatible with its folding device.

The company has already reached out to major companies such as Netflix and YouTube in order to find a middle ground for optimizing its content on the revolutionary device.

Samsung Mobile had announced its plans to hold the developer conference, as its purpose was to "showcase advancements" and engage with application developers for its new device.

A US startup company has also unveiled what they call the world's first commercial smartphone with foldable technology, showing that a huge amount of interest is pouring into the foldable technology.

KLM Holdings stated that Samsung's share price was trading higher around 0.94 percent in early morning trading hours. With results driving strong demand for its products and an improving production line the company has also noted key areas that the company is looking to invest in the coming years.

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