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21.08.2018 – 21:19

General Intermediates of Canada

General Intermediates of Canada, an Alberta Biotech Company, Receives Canadian Government Funding for Immuno-Oncology Project

Alberta (ots/PRNewswire)

Edmonton's GIC in pursuit of new immuno-oncology therapy

Edmonton's General Intermediates of Canada Inc. (GIC) announced today that they have received conditional funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) related to their discovery of a new immuno-oncology compound that could play a role in the fight against cancer.

The company is currently conducting studies on a family of compounds targeted towards the Adenosine 2a receptor. In tumors, adenosine stops T-cells from destroying cancer cells. It is felt that by blocking A2a receptors, the anti-cancer response of T-cells will improve and trigger the body's immune system to fight the tumour.

"The blockade of A2a represents the next generation of cancer immuno-therapy. A lot of research and investment dollars have flowed into this space in the last several years and we feel our family of compounds addresses the outstanding needs in this area. This funding from the NRC IRAP will allow us to finalize the last bit of pre-clinical work we have outstanding," said GIC's lead scientist, Dr. Glenn Weagle.

GIC's work on A2a follows on the heels of another highly successful NRC IRAP project they did which concluded in 2016. That project was related to providing a starting material for a new cancer drug under development by a large, multi-national pharmaceutical company.

"GIC has a long-standing reputation in the pharma industry for making high quality intermediates, particularly those that are difficult to make," said Weagle. "We are now taking that expertise and shifting our focus towards new pharmaceuticals. Our early results are very positive and we are excited to bring this compound forward in the fight against cancer."

About General Intermediates of Canada Inc.: GIC has been a contract manufacturer of small molecules for over 35 years. The molecules synthesized by GIC are the starting materials in drugs for a wide variety of diseases and treatments, including those for MS, Parkinson's disease, asthmatics, anti-virals, and chemotherapeutics. In addition, GIC has world-leading expertise in the production of ultra-pure nucleosides for the drug and high-tech industries.


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General Intermediates of Canada Inc.

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