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16.09.2019 – 16:02

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VeggieWorld grows out of Europe

VeggieWorld grows out of Europe
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Wellfairs and Fair Connections agree on a long-term partnership on the basis of a license agreement for the VeggieWorld trade fair series. Fair Connections receives the license for Asia, the Middle East and Oceania.

Beijing/Dusseldorf - September 2019 || On September 1st 2019 Wellfairs GmbH (Germany) and Fair Connections (China) signed a licence agreement for the organisation of the VeggieWorld trade fair series. Accordingly, all VeggieWorld trade fairs in Asia, the Middle East and Oceania will from now on be held independently by Fair Connections.

VeggieWorld is the leading trade fair series on the subject of veganism. Since 2011 VeggieWorld has been or will be held 73 times in 28 cities in 13 countries until the end of 2019. The speed of growth was enormous, but also very successful. In Europe, VeggieWorld is today the market leader in all important markets.

According to Euromonitor International, China is the world's fastest-growing vegan market with a predicted growth rate of 17.2% between 2015 and 2020, followed by UAE (10.6%) and Australia 9.6%. In absolute numbers, China is home to 20 million vegans, the largest single-country vegan community world-wide.

So what could be more obvious than bringing VeggieWorld into these markets as well?

Wellfairs Managing Director Hendrik Schellkes comments on the reasons for further expansion in the form of licensing: "Together with our local partners we can manage the European trade fairs very well from Germany. At trade fairs on other continents, however, we quickly noticed that we lack access. Differences in language, time and culture are difficult to offset. That's why we decided to place our trade fairs in the hands of professionals. Michael Dreyer and Ken Zheng of Fair Connections have been our partners for many years and we know that our brand is in the best hands with these trade fair professionals".

Fair Connections has for many years been an important partner in Asia for major international trade fair organisers such as Messe Leipzig, Poznan International Fair, Messe Basel and the Montgomery Network. Founder Michael Dreyer can look back on more than three decades of experience in the international trade fair business and has been working with co-founder Ken Zheng for over 15 years. Ken Zheng has an excellent network in China, both in the trade fair sector and in many economic sectors. In their careers, both have had frequent contact with the food sector and have a large network at their disposal, which will also be of great benefit for the implementation of VeggieWorld.

For Michael Dreyer it was quickly clear that VeggieWorld represents a very interesting opportunity. "Discussing opportunities regarding plant based business with Hendrik, we quickly realized the large potential of this market. In Asia, veganism has developed way beyond being a lifestyle trend. Veganism has arrived in the centre of the society. And the development potential is huge."

Plant-based lifestyle is one of the most important topics of our time today and in the years to come. Alternative proteins and flexitarian diets were named key food trends in 2017 and 2018 by numerous industry commentators, including Rabobank, Forbes, Mintel, Innova Market Insights, and MarketWatch. In 2018, Global Meat News stated that 14% of global meat product launches had been plant-based.

Ken Zheng is also very optimistic. He had supported Wellfairs with his team at the first VeggieWorld in Hangzhou in May 2019. "I was very positively surprised by the great attention that the first VeggieWorld in China has received. The press was very interested, trade visitors and consumers came in large numbers and national as well as large international producers participated as exhibitors".

In the next 12 months Fair Connections will organise VeggieWorlds in Beijing (08.-10.11.2019), Hong Kong (07.-08.03.2020), Shanghai (15.-17.05.2020) and Shenzhen (August 2020). In addition to further events in China, Fair Connections will also establish VeggieWorld events in Bangkok and Singapore in the immediate future. In the medium term, Korea and Japan as well as the Middle East and Australia will also become VeggieWorld locations.

The concept envisages a three-day trade fair in each city. Open on Fridays for trade visitors only, Saturdays and Sundays for trade visitors and consumers. Of course, Wellfairs and Fair Connections support each other in the exhibitor sales area from Europe to Asia and vice versa.

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Barcelona // 05.-06.10.19
Paris // 12.-13.10.19
Brussels // 19.-20.10.19
Zurich // 19.-20.10.19
Dusseldorf // 26.-27.10.19
Copenhagen // 02.-03.11.19
Beijing // 08.-10.11.2019
Cologne // 09.-10.11.19
Munich // 16.-17.11.19
Wiesbaden // 07.-09.02.20
Utrecht // 29.02.-01.03.20
Berlin // 07.-08.03.20
Hong Kong // 07.-08.03.20
Milan // 21.-22.03.20
Hamburg // 14.-15.03.20
Shanghai // 15.-17.05.20

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