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15.02.2019 – 16:17

City of Qingdao

Qingdao, the cradle of The Wandering Earth and Crazy Alien

Qingdao, the cradle of The Wandering Earth and Crazy Alien
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The Wandering Earth, deemed as the "film to spark China's science fiction moviemaking", is an undoubted dark horse in China's 2019 Spring Festival movie market. The New York Times linked China's breakthroughs in spaceflight with the movie and believed it marks China's start of a new era in science fiction moviemaking and space exploration. Another blockbuster Crazy Alien pocketed the highest box office after a two-day show in the just-passed Spring Festival holidays.

Both of the popular and profitable blockbusters were shot at Oriental Movie Capital Industrial Park (OMCIP) in Qingdao, Shandong province. To date, more than 160 movie and TV companies have been registered in the Lingshan Bay Film and TV Cultural Zone in the Qingdao West Coast New Zone. OMCIP received a world-class certification soon after its operation. It also successfully held movie fairs, Golden Phoenix Movie Award Ceremony and other events and helped Qingdao successfully elected as a world Capital of Movies. According to an insider of OMCIP, about 100 movies and TV series are shot and produced in the park each year. OMCIP has become a large-scale professional movie/TV base. It is the world's only movie capital featuring the functions of location, production, convention and exhibition, and tourism. OMCIP not only boasts super movie/TV production software and hardware facilities including the world's largest 10,000 sqm unitary studio and the world's sole indoor and outdoor underwater photography studio, but also establishes an integrated movie/TV service system and internationalized movie/TV policy incentives.

Qingdao deems movie/TV industry as its emerging pillar industry and welcomes the arrival of blockbuster producers from home and abroad.


Zhu Yiling

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