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29.10.2018 – 14:00

City of Qingdao

International Symposium on Kang Youwei's Calligraphic Study was held in Qingdao, China

International Symposium on Kang Youwei's Calligraphic Study was held in Qingdao, China
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Qingdao, China (ots)

International Symposium on Kang Youwei's Calligraphic Study & The First Qingdao International Calligraphy Biennale was held in Qingdao between Oct. 27 and 28, 2018. Approximately 200 experts, scholars and calligraphy artists from 16 countries and regions including China, Russia, USA, France, Italy and Japan participated in the event.

The symposium received more than 60 theses covering many aspects such as the domestic and foreign impact of Kang Youwei's calligraphy study thinking. Famous sinologists such as Pan Weijun, great granddaughter of Kang Youwei, Jean-Marie Simonet, honorary head of the Chinese section at Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium, and André Kneib, professor at INALCO analyzed on Kang Youwei's calligraphy study achievements.

   Kang Youwei (1858-1927), an important politician, thinker and 
educator in the late Qing Dynasty in China, has a profound historical
origin with Qingdao. The portrayal of Qingdao, "the red tile and 
green tree, the azure sea and blue sky", comes from his description 
of Qingdao. He stayed in Qingdao in his late years and had a special 
favor for the local scenes, leaving rich human heritage for the urban
culture of Qingdao. The calligraphy of modern celebrities represented
by Kang has contributed to creating the open and inclusive 
calligraphy style in Qingdao and strengthening the academic arts of 
Chinese calligraphy. To learn more about Qingdao? 

   Please click the following links: 

The symposium not only helps push forward the international exchanges of Chinese calligraphy art, but also tell Qingdao stories, Chinese stories.

During the symposium, Su Shishu, Chairman of the Chinese Calligraphers' Association, held academic exchanges with visiting calligraphers by hosting "International celebrities describing Qingdao with calligraphy" and "Calligraphy masters entering campus and community".



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