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05.05.2020 – 10:00

IFCO Systems

IFCO Starts RPC Production in China

Munich and Tianjin, China (ots/PRNewswire)

IFCO´s rapid growth in the Chinese market requires local production of RPCs

IFCO SYSTEMS, the world's leading provider of Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) for fresh food, announces today the opening of a production facility for its Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) in China in cooperation with POLYTEC GROUP. Starting in April, IFCO is localizing the production of its RPC model Steco 6421 in Tianjin to be used in the Chinese market. Steco 6421 is the most demanded RPC in China.

Local production offers advantages for the environment and customers

In 2015, IFCO opened its office in China and is now experiencing rapid growth in the country. To best serve the market and meet the considerable demand, IFCO has decided to open a local production facility for IFCO RPCs which were supplied from Europe until now. This enables IFCO to respond more quickly to the needs of the local market and raises the production volume of the specific RPC model used in China reducing lead time significantly.

Additionally, the local production positively impacts the footprint on the environment by eliminating transports from European production sites to China. IFCO can now react more quickly to changes in Chinese customers' needs and provide them with optimal support in delivering fresh food from growers to consumers as quickly as possible.

Please find the full announcement as well as image material here:


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