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27.02.2020 – 11:16


IPETRONIK introduces MATLAB-based measurement data management

IPETRONIK introduces MATLAB-based measurement data management
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With IPEcloud MDM, IPETRONIK introduces a MATLAB-based measurement data management system (MDM) that provides a special framework for the automotive & engineering measurement data management and is developed to organize, process, and evaluate the measurement data of test benches and large fleets systematically. The data are mainly processed with MATLAB scripts. Developers can embed their existing MATLAB functions and benefit from considerable synergy effects for their evaluations.

The cloud-based and scalable data management system is hardware-independent, can process measurement data of different measurement and data logger systems, and provides a large driver library. Imported data are converted into the TDMS format by default. The raw data are kept as well and prepared for processing with a project-specific configuration. The MATLAB scripts allow the user to individualize and automate their processing in various ways.

Additionally, they may conduct calculations and tag events of particular interest. The tags and metadata are stored in an SQL database easy to be searched. Besides, there are many more search functions available. Users may search raw data, processed data, events, as well as reports and export the filtered data from the MDM platform at any time to conduct individual analyses, local analyses, and simulations.

Various measurement data uses

IPEcloud MDM offers many features to process measurement data. In addition to basic functions, such as tagging events of special interest and storing the data in a structured way, the platform includes usage profiling to easily identify trends, the creation of standardized evaluations to receive repeatable and objective results, simulations to keep pre-development prototypes up to date, health status monitoring to increase evaluation efficiency, pro-active maintenance to improve maintenance management, as well as automated reports to reduce manual intervention.

IPETRONIK GmbH & Co. KG is a globally operating company for mobile measurement technologies, DAQ software, engineering services and test bench technology for the automotive industry. The combination of these strategically interrelated business divisions is unique to today's market. Since the company's founding in 1989, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers have relied on the high quality, reliability and precision of IPETRONIK products and services to meet demanding research, development and testing requirements in automotive and numerous other industrial applications. The innovative hardware/software solutions and test bench technology are developed and produced in Germany. A worldwide distribution network and its own subsidiaries for example in India, Sweden and North America ensure global distribution with local support. IPETRONIK is owned by INDUS Holding AG.

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