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23.01.2019 – 13:58

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Press Release: Heidelberg Event Highlights 2019

Press Release: Heidelberg Event Highlights 2019
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The heartbeat of culture In 2019, Heidelberg will once again have a full calendar of events to offer

Not only is our city on the Neckar river famous for its unique atmosphere, which can be sensed throughout the romantic Old Town. A vast offer of concerts, theater, dance, cabaret and exhibitions brings Heidelberg to life and fascinates visitors and residents alike in 2019.

The legendary three castle illuminations on June 1, July 13 and September 7, 2019 will once again attract thousands of visitors to the city with their brilliant fireworks. The renowned music festivals "Heidelberger Frühling" (Heidelberg Spring) and "Enjoy Jazz" always strike the right note - as do the many smaller concerts and events in the numerous Heidelberg locations. The "Heidelberger Herbst" (Heidelberg Autumn) will be particularly exciting in 2019: Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the famous city festival offers a very special program with stages, stands and entertainment throughout the Old Town.

January 02 - February 17, 2019

"Unwirklichkeiten" (Unrealities) - From the dream of Romanticism to the imaginary of the modern day

Around 1900, the Avant-Garde artists braved a radical change: They turned away from imitating nature and created "unrealities". Color and form gained independence while at the same time acquiring symbolic character. The exhibition in the Kurpfälzisches Museum (Palatinate Museum) covers the period from the 19th to the late 20th century. It shows important artists such as Caspar David Friedrich, Carl Rottmann, Edvard Munch, Max Ernst and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

January 02 - 12, 2019

Heidelberger Klavierwoche (Heidelberg Piano Week)

The Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut (DAI, German-American Institute) hosts the annual Heidelberger Klavierwoche in cooperation with the Jahrhundertwendegesellschaft. Renowned pianists and prestigious young talents perform as guests here.

January 17 - February 01, 2019

Carambolage - Cabaret and Comedy Festival

Smart entertainment between cabaret and comedy is at the focus of this festival in the Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof. This year, cabaret artist Philip Simon, comedienne Katie Freudenschuss and the creators of Worst of Chefkoch, among others, are taking part.

January 24 - 27, 2019

Heidelberger Streichquartettfest (String Quartet Festival)

The schedule includes 16 concerts, workshops and discussion concerts around the "Royal discipline of chamber music". Haydn and Brahms provide some highlights, framed by other classics of the repertoire and works for those looking for new discoveries.

January 24 - February 03, 2019

The 33rd Film days of the Mediterranean

For a period of ten days, movies and documentaries from the Mediterranean that were made in the last few years will be shown - the Karlstorkino and the Montpellier-Haus thus provide deep insights into the cultures surrounding this mythical space. This year, the movies come from Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Kosovo, Greece, Romania, Georgia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco (originals with German or English subtitles). Directors are also invited to present their movies.

February 09 - March 24, 2019

Prettier lies - The Chanson Fest in Heidelberg

The greatest festival of New Chanson in Germany presents the best this genre has to offer. Meet old popular musicians and new talents such as Dota, Max Prosa, Sebastian Krämer, Sarah Hakenberg and Alin Coen.

February 17 - July 20, 2019

Friedrich-Ebert memorial: 100 years of President of the Reich Ebert

For this anniversary, the foundation offers a diverse program focusing on the President of the Reich Friedrich Ebert, with guided tours, family afternoons, music and cabaret.

March 02, 2019

Dance of the Vampires in the Stadthalle (City Hall) Heidelberg

Hot - hotter - Dance of the Vampires! Nothing can be more iconic than this event of extraordinary masks and costumes.

March 05, 2019

Heidelberger Fastnachtsumzug (Heidelberg Carnival Parade)

The great Heidelberger Fastnachtsumzug winds along the Main Street and through the historical Old Town.

March 13 - November 10, 2019

Neckar-Musikfestival (Neckar Music Festival)

In 2019, the Neckar-Musikfestival, first organized in 2005, will once again offer high-quality concerts by international musicians in cities, castles and palaces all worth experiencing in the beautiful Neckar Valley.

March 15 - January 2020

150 years of Contemporary Art - The Heidelberger Kunstverein (Heidelberg Art Society) celebrates its anniversary

The Heidelberger Kunstverein was founded in 1869. Today, it is the most important institution for contemporary art, enjoying an international reputation. In the anniversary year, a high-quality international exhibition program will bring joy to all lovers of art. For the anniversary on July 6 and 7, many members will present their interesting art collections.

March 16 - April 14, 2019

Music festival "Heidelberger Frühling"

The Heidelberger Frühling festival "is part of the first league of festivals for classical music" (ZEIT [weekly newspaper]), presenting great soloists, ensembles and orchestras, the best young artists and innovative productions as well as genre-crossing shows in more than 100 events. One of the special moments of the festival will be "Castor & Pollux", a multimedia music theater production with 4D sound system, developed and created on the initiative of the festival by young theater makers, video and sound artists. Pianist Igor Levit is the manager of the Chamber Music Academy and presents "Standpunkte" (standpoints) at the Chamber Music Festival. A special focus continues to be on the art song: In addition to Thomas Hampson's Lied-Akademie (Song Academy), there will be a four-day song festival called "Neuland Lied" (New Territory Song). Other guests include Khatia Buniatishvili, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra as well as Anja Harteros and Valery Gergiev with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra.

March 24 - June 30, 2019

Special exhibition in the Kurpfälzisches Museum

"Mobile Children's Worlds - What Has Always Moved Children"

The exhibition covers the post-war period up to the 70 years and also includes rarities from the early days of bicycle history. Many exhibits, from the velocipede from 1870 to the Bonanza bicycle from the 70s, show the mobility of children in the past and awaken memories of their own childhood.

March 30 - August 04, 2019

Special exhibition of the Prinzhorn Collection - Plants of the Soul.

Plant fantasies between Symbolism and Outsider Art

The Prinzhorn Collection shows plant fantasies from its own collection - ranging from humble grasses to lush flowers, from figurative flora to the plant scripts. This is juxtaposed with works by Anna Zemánková (1908 - 1986). Her flower fantasies, created to counter depression, are now classics of the Outsider Art.

April 26 - May 05, 2019

Heidelberger Stückemarkt (Heidelberg Play Week) - Guest country Turkey

The theater's avant-garde presents outstanding premieres from German-speaking countries. New plays are read and social debate is fostered. The international highlight is the annually changing guest country. The management team of the Stückemarkt is wondering how theater changed under Recep Tayyip Erdogan. To this end, they are going to invite Turkey to Heidelberg this year.

May 01 - 31, 2019

11th Queer Festival Heidelberg

An entire month characterized by concerts, club nights, movies, exhibitions, theaters, workshops and talks on topics such as sexual and gender diversity, gender equality and discrimination.

May 15 - 19, 2019

Heidelberg Literaturtage (Literature Days)

As a UNESCO City of Literature, Heidelberg celebrates literature in its many facets with a varied program of readings by national and international writers, events for children and young people, talks, workshops and music.

May 18 - 26, 2019

Deutsch-Amerikanisches Freundschaftsfest (Festival of German-American Friendship)

The connection between the United States and the city of Heidelberg continues to this day even after the US soldiers have left the Neckar region. The German-American Fair was an established annual event for decades. It has now been replaced by the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Freundschaftsfest. Burgers, rides, fireworks and live music offer entertainment for everyone.

June 01, July 13 and September 07, 2019

Heidelberger Schlossbeleuchtungen mit Feuerwerk (Castle Illumination with Fireworks)

Bengal fires bathe the Castle in red fire's light before the fascinating fireworks from the Alte Brücke (Old Bridge) makes the Neckar sparkle.

June 04 - 05, 2019

Denkfest (Thinking Festival)

Under the title "from ME to WE - OUR social spaces", the largest exchange platform of cultural actors in the Rhine-Neckar Region deals with the effects and potentials of digitalization. Structures, processes and applications that determine our social action in the 21st century are at the focus here. The event is hosted in the Tankturm in Heidelberg.

June 16, 2019

Campaign day "Living Neckar"

At "Lebendiger Neckar 2019", visitors to Heidelberg will find a diverse stage program here with show, dance and musical performances as well as varied opportunities for participation and information for both the young and the old.

June 21 - August 04, 2019

Heidelberg Schlossfestspiele (Castle Festival)

The Heidelberg Theater and Orchestra fills the famous Heidelberg Castle Ruins with musical sounds and at times funny at times dramatic works from the world of theater. The successful musical "Anatevka", the famous vampire "Dracula" and the fairy tale "The Chinese Nightingale" can be seen in the Schlosshof (Castle courtyard). Moreover, a varied concert program with the maestros of tomorrow and top-class international soloists brings the audience to indulge in the open air.

July 05 - 20, 2019

Metropolink - Festival for urban art

The Metropolink Festival focuses on large murals from internationally renowned artists of urban art. Cabrio-bus tours take visitors to the painted houses and facades (public tours during the festival, tours for groups can be booked all year round), The city becomes a public space of art, and Heidelberg shows that it is rightfully titled the "UNESCO Creative City".

July 11 - 21, 2019

ARTORT - goes AIRfield

In the 31st year of its existence, the founders of UnterwegsTheater (On the Road Theater), choreographer Jai Gonzales and artist Bernhard Fauser, continue to celebrate the dance of the metropolitan region. With their projects and multidisciplinary festival concepts, the pioneers of free contemporary dance attract an enthusiastic dance audience.

July 12, 2019

ADAC Heidelberg Historic

From July 11 - 13, the ADAC Heidelberg Historic will revive the spirit of bygone times for the 25th time. Some 180 unique vintage cars are on a 500 kilometer stretch through the region's roads. The break on Friday at the Marktplatz (Market Square) in Heidelberg is a very special moment. The drivers can wind down and relax at the core of the city, while the audience can watch in amazement and abandon themselves to their memories.

July 21 - 28, 2019

Heidelberger Bachwoche (Bach Week)

Every year, the Bachwoche is celebrated with works by Johann Sebastian Bach in the week before the anniversary of his death. This year, the motto is: "With Bach through time".

July 28, 2019

HeidelbergMan Triathlon

The Heidelberger Triathlon is one of the toughest triathlons in Germany. In front of the panorama of the Heidelberg Castle, as many as 1,200 athletes set out on the Olympic distance ever year. At HeidelbergMan, age-class athletes can compete with world-class athletes.

September 28 - 29, 2019

50th Heidelberger Herbst

Live music, arts and crafts market, flea market, renaissance fair, culture and regional specialties - Heidelberg's largest festival turns the historical Old Town into a colorful party and entertainment area. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Old Town Festival, visitors can expect special highlights in 2019.

October 02 - November 16, 2019

Enjoy Jazz Festival

Ornette Coleman, Wayne Shorter, Archie Shepp, Pharoah Sanders - Enjoy Jazz has established itself since its premiere in 1999 not only as the largest, but also as one of the most important jazz festivals in Germany. Jazz legends will find a stage here as well as avant-garde uprising stars of the music scene - presented in an incredibly diverse spectrum. After all, the festival does not only live up to its subtitle "International Festival for Jazz and Other" with a breathtaking mix of styles: in over 70 concerts it becomes clear that the boundaries between jazz, world music, electronics and hip-hop are fluid today and that jazz in particular defines itself through its openness. Workshops, matinees and lectures provide the theoretical superstructure and practical substructure for the concerts.

October 03 - 06, 2019

KinderTheaterFestival (Children's Theater Festival)

For the 23rd time, the Kulturfenster invites you to the KinderTheaterFestival in the large circus tent on the Neckarwiese (banks of the Neckar). Theater groups from all over Germany show about twelve plays on four festive days. The program is accompanied by the Spielmobil (playbus) of the Kulturfenster. There will be workshops, plays, a fairytale tent and lots of theater!

October 06 - January 19, 2020

Special exhibition in the Kurpfälzisches Museum (Palatinate Museum) - "Royal Children". The fate of the "Winter King" and its family

In 1619, the political representations of Bohemia elected Heidelberg's Elector Frederick V. as their King. Thus the Bohemian-Habsburg conflict took on European dimensions and became one of the greatest catastrophes for the people of Germany. The fate of Heidelberg was inextricably linked to his rise and fall, as was the fate of his large family, scattered throughout Europe. Precious loans from Germany and abroad illustrate this time of change at the 400th anniversary of the election of the Bohemian King.

October 11 - 20, 2019

French Week in Heidelberg

The French Week offers cultural enjoyment for young and old, satisfying any desires, from cooking and language courses to scientific lectures - embedded in plenty of music, literature, theater, film and art.

November 7 - December 14, 2019


Political cabaret is alive! Many laureates of the German cabaret scene present deep thoughts and humor on the intimate stage in the backyard theater of the Kulturfenster in Bergheim. The offer includes impressive new discoveries such as Claus von Wagner, Sarah Bosetti, Rene Sydow and Stefan Waghubinger.

www.kulturfenster .de

November 14 - 24, 2019

International Film Festival Mannheim - Heidelberg

A hand-picked selection of movies from other cultural spheres will be first shown in two premiere movie theaters - the Stadthaus N1, the Atlantiskino in Mannheim - and a magnificent tent landscape on the Messplatz (trade fair square) in Heidelberg. Premiere celebrations in festive surroundings and film talks with directors, actors and producers from faraway countries enrich the program of this international film festival in Mannheim and Heidelberg.

November 15 - December 01, 2019

Pr?t à écouter (ready-to-listen): Festival for musical discoveries

The concert collection for the new season is a selection of the most promising discoveries and the most exciting provider of impulses far away from the pop mainstream.

November 2019 - January 2020


Be amazed - watch - relax - enjoy. From November onwards, the WinterVarieté will once again unroll the red carpet for its guests and treat them to a memorable night in the spectacular Show-Arena at the Tiergartenbad (a large open air bath). The colorful program with dance, song, acrobatics and cabaret presents a show on a world class level this year, and offers great culinary enjoyment with a wintery three-course menu.

November 25 - December 22, 2019

Heidelberger Weihnachtsmarkt (Heidelberg Christmas Market)

The Heidelberger Weihnachtsmarkt, embedded in the Baroque Old Town, with the world-renowned Castle shining above it, is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. The festively decorated cottages make the former residential town shine on various squares in the historical Old Town, offering an atmospheric sea of lights in one of the longest pedestrian zones in Europe.

November 25 - January 6, 2020

Heidelberger Eisbahn (Heidelberg Ice Rink)

Skating fun under the starry sky can be found on the ice rink at the Karlsplatz (Carl's Square), right below the picturesque Castle ruins. Gliding across the ice in front of this romantic backdrop is a particular wintery pleasure.

November 25 - January 1, 2020

Heidelberg Winterwäldchen (Winter Forest)

A children's railway and the nativity scene are a popular meeting place for young visitors on the Kornmarkt (Grain Square), which is decorated with more than 100 fir trees. Adults can enjoy culinary delights in the pagoda tents with their sophisticated decorations, and enjoy the breath-taking view of the festively lit Castle.

November 28 - January 05, 2020

Gourmet-Varieté in the Heidelberger Schloss

The Gourmet-Varieté "it's magic" by Martin Scharff in the Heidelberg Castle makes the hearts of fans of the King of Pop beat faster. A tribute show of magic, illusion and travesty, combined with a Gourmet Tribute menu, honors Michael Jackson on the 10th anniversary of his death.

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