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ipan group Launches the ip-x-change, the Industry's First Open IP Platform

Munich (ots/PRNewswire) - ipan group, one of the leading providers of IP management services and software announced today the launch of the industry's first open IP platform together with its launch partners Uppdragshuset, Patentsight and Corsearch.

The ip-x-change is designed to easily access a range of the industry's best of breed services and tools without complexity, either via the ip-x-change portal or in a fully integrated way from any ipan IP Management Software (Unycom, IPSS and IPfolio). By providing all tools and services via a standardized interface, they are equally accessible to users of other software products.

The platform has been developed by the ipan group and seamlessly integrates some of the industry's most innovative services and providers. In the creation of a true open IP platform, further best-in-class providers will be added continuously, selected by the users of the ip-x-change.

The services include:

- Prior art search through Automatch, powered by Uppdragshuset
- Patent analytics through Patentsight,
- Trademark searches through Corsearch
- Smart docketing and automatic data verification, tools that 
  increase the efficiency of administrative work and seamlessly 
  integrate to client's IPMS
- Analytics and portfolio management, a sophisticated but 
  user-friendly feature designed to add rich reporting and management
  to clients existing IPMS
- Patent, trademark and design maintenance integration, a secure, 
  real-time interface that connects client's IPMS with ipan payments 
- IP administration services including European patent validations 
  and trademark filing 

All supported by the ip-x-change platform.

Commenting on the announcement, Dr.Jens Luetcke, CEO ipan group, said, "We are delighted to launch the ip-x-change as it will be the industry 'game changer' leading to a shift in how IP professionals consume IP services. The ip-x-change is an open platform that will bring the industry partners together like never before. Users of the ip-x-change, whether they are coming from an ipan group system or not, can touch off a range of always-on or ad-hoc services in a very simple and straightforward manner. We've opened up the possibilities and removed the contractual complexity that goes with using multiple vendors individually."

About ipan group

ipan group (Intellectual Property Associates Network), is a leading provider of IP management services and software, supporting the largest IP owners around the globe. Founded in 2004, ipan is a strategic alliance of renowned IP experts committed to providing clients a level of quality, transparency and cost savings not available through any other source in the IP market. In 2016, ipan became ipan group with

the acquisition of IPMS provider Unycom, followed by IPSS. In 2017, ipan group announced it had acquired a significant minority stake in US-based IPfolio the provider of next-generation IP management software.

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, with offices in UK, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria and the United States, the company's disruptive approach to optimizing process and cost has made it the solution of choice for the largest IP owners and one of the world's fastest growing IP service and software companies.

For more information on ipan group, please visit http://www.ipan-services.com

For more information on the ip-x-change, please visit http://www.ip-x-change.com


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