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Power Electronics will be presenting its new FREESUN V solar inverter series, which incorporates its latest technology

Valencia (ots) - The Spanish company will take part in Intersolar Europe (Munich), the most important trade fair in the global solar industry

- The solar division of the company has an annual capacity of 5GW and an installed capacity of 4GW. With 30 years of experience, it operates in 45 countries and employs a workforce of more than 1,200.

- It will be presenting the new Freesun V series, the HEC V1500 with ranges from 1MW to 3.5MW, and the HEC V1000.

- As well as the latest developments on the MV SKID and TWIN SKID solar power stations.

The Spanish company, Power Electronics, will be presenting their new Freesun V series, which includes its latest technology for large scale solar while maintaining the characteristics of its HEC predecessor that enabled the company to consolidate its position as the leading player in this kind of technology.

More specifically, it will be presenting the HEC V1500, and also its new catalogue, which will include the HEC V1000 and the solar power stations, MV SKID and TWIN SKID.

The company will be taking part in what is the world's most important solar industry trade fair, at which engineers and instructors will explain the latest developments and the most competitive design techniques for large-scale photovoltaic plants.

The trade fair is a great opportunity to show EPCs, developers, and investors the big differences that exist between inverters available on the market, and how the correct choice can improve returns substantially. It is important to remember that the success of Power Electronics lies with its highly technological and flexible products, as well as with what is considered to be the best after-sales service in the market.

A novelty at this fair will be the presentation of the HEC V1500, which offers state-of-the-art technology, making it the most reliable and flexible large-scale 1500V solar inverter on the market. EPCs and developers will benefit from its improved price/installed capacity ratio and be able to design and promote more competitive photovoltaic plants.

The solar division of the company has an annual capacity of 5GW and an installed capacity of 4GW. With 30 years of experience, it operates in 45 countries and employs a staff of more than 1,200.

In Europe, it has local offices in the UK, France, Poland, Turkey, Sweden, and Germany, with a total installed solar capacity of 2GW

HEC V1500

The Power Electronics HEC V1500V is the most flexible and reliable 1500V solar inverter in the market. With a range of 1-3.5MV, this outdoor, modular, redundant inverter, is the leading product in its sector, generates higher returns, and provides amazing autonomy.

The Power Electronics Industrial Division has been manufacturing and installing 1700Vdc converters for more than twelve years and under the most demanding conditions for leading players in the mining, oil and gas, and water sectors.

As a result of all this experience, Power Electronics has been able to create a multi-level 1500Vdc inverter to cover the needs of the new generation of solar plants. The HEC V1500 combines a highly durable outdoor construction in stainless steel with the best cooling system, enabling it to work at 50ºC without any loss of power.

It represents a step forward in terms of competitiveness, offering a range of 1MW-2MW. It is currently the only Outdoor, Modular, and Redundant inverter capable of functioning in the most adverse conditions (extreme temperatures, damp, salt, altitudes of up to 4000m, seismic zones).

HEC V1500

The new HEC V1000 is available with four output voltages (400V, 420V, 440V y 460V) and from 1MW to 2.5MW, and there are 2, 3 and 4 modules. With a more compact design than the HEC Plus, but with the same output range, the V1000 keeps the same characteristics that have made it one of the leading products in the market: high integration, reliability, robustness, and autonomy.

The HEC V1000 inverters have been designed to last more than 20 years in hostile environments and extreme weather conditions.


The MV SKID is the most competitive turnkey solution for large photovoltaic plants. Made out of highly resistant galvanised steel, it incorporates all the medium-tension equipment needed in a solar inverter: protection cell, outdoor output transformer, oil tank, and filter.

With tensions of 400-690V at the low end, and 12-36KV at the high end, this compact platform achieves outputs of 1100-3500kVA together with the HEC PLUS, HEC V1000 and HEC V1500 series.

This compact solution also allows for the installation of several low-tension chambers that are fully-configurable for the client, as well as different types of cells and even an enclosure among other things.

The MV SKID enables the simplification of the photovoltaic project design, reducing installation costs, the cost of the work to be carried out on sight, and the amount of resources used, all of which makes it the best possible solution for EPCs. Another advantage is the faster start-up time, with all the medium-tension connections established and tested in the factory.

As for the low-tension connections, these are based on the Plug & Play concept, which are carried out out swiftly and simply on site.


The Twin Skid has been designed to meet the requirements of the larger solar plants. This solar power station is a highly resistant compact platform made out of galvanised steel and incorporates all the medium-tension equipment. It can be easily connected to the Power Electronics´ Freesun inverters. It includes a protection cell, outdoor output transformer, oil tank, and filter.

This turnkey solution achieves outputs of 3000-7000kVA with HEC series outdoor converters.

The Twin Skid simplifies the design of the photovoltaic plant projects, and it reduces installation costs and resources, thanks to its high level of power density.

Intersolar Europe

Intersolar Europe, to be held between the 22nd and 24th of June in Munich (Germany), is the world's most important solar industry trade fair. The exhibitions and conferences focus on the different areas of photovoltaic energy, renewable energy and heating technology storage systems, and also products and solutions for intelligent renewable energy.

Since it was founded 25 years ago, Intersolar has become the most important industry platform for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service suppliers and solar industry players.



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