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11.02.2016 – 12:31

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Richmont Announces 2016 Operational Outlook

Toronto (ots/PRNewswire)

Guidance for another Record Year at Island Gold, with a Potential 22% Increase in Production and a Decrease in All-in-Sustaining Costs

Richmont Mines Inc. (TSX - NYSE MKT: RIC) ("Richmont" or the "Corporation"), announces 2016 estimates that include a potential increase in production of up to 22% from the cornerstone Island Gold mine that is expected to drive a decrease in All-in Sustaining Costs ("AISC"). (All amounts are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated).

2016 Consolidated Operational Estimates

In 2016, company-wide production includes another year of production growth from the cornerstone Island Gold Mine and another solid year of consistent production from the Beaufor Mine. Consolidated annual production is expected to be consistent with 2015 as increased production from Island Gold is expected to fully offset the production decrease related to the 2015 closure of the Monique Mine. Company-wide cash costs and AISC are expected to be largely in-line with the prior year's guidance estimates.

Material assumptions include: an average gold price of CAD$1,500 per ounce (US$1,100 per ounce); and a foreign exchange rate of 1.394 Canadian dollars to the US dollar. Note: 2015 Cash cost and AISC results are expected to be released on February 22, 2016.

2016 Consolidated     Operational Estimates             
Island Gold            Beaufor           Estimates       Gold Ounces 
Produced             62,000-67,000        25,000-30,000       
87,000-97,000     Cash Costs per Ounce     (CAD$)(1)                 
$900-$960        $1,000-$1,060         $930-$1,000     
Sustaining Capital per Ounce (CAD$)  $260-$290            $230-$270  
$250-$280     Corporate G&A per Ounce (CAD$)               - 
-            $95-$110     All-in Sustaining Costs 
per Ounce     (CAD$)(1)                        $1,160-$1,250        
$1,230-$1,330       $1,275-$1,390     Cash Costs per Ounce (US$)(1)  
$660-$705            $735-$780           $680-$730     
Sustaining Capital per Ounce (US$)   $190-$215            $170-$195  
$185-$205     Corporate G&A per Ounce (US$)                - 
-             $70-$80     All-in Sustaining Costs 
per Ounce     (US$)(1)                             $850-$920         
$905-$975         $935-$1,015      (1) Cash costs and AISC are 
non-GAAP measures. Refer to the Non-GAAP performance         measures
section in the Third Quarter MD&A.  

2016 Capital Investment & Exploration Estimates

The Corporation will remain focused on a disciplined and prudent capital allocation strategy to ensure expenditures are fully funded internally with sustaining capital investment requirements expected to reduce compared with the prior year. Project capital investment for the year is focused on the continued development of the Island Gold Mine, as detailed in the recent Preliminary Economic Assessment ("PEA") released in October 2015. Total capital investment estimates for the year include a potential $10 million (US$7.3 million) in discretionary capital with allocation of these funds contingent upon the prevailing gold price sustainably exceeding $1,500 per ounce (US$1,100 per ounce) in 2016.

Capital and Exploration Investment                         
($M)                               Island Gold  Quebec Division   
Estimates     Sustaining Capital (CAD$)             $17.3         
$6.8          $24.1     Sustaining Capital (US$)              $12.7  
$5.0          $17.7     Project Capital (CAD$)(3)             
$43.4          $ -          $43.4     Project Capital (US$)(3)       
$31.8          $ -          $31.8     Company-wide Exploration 
(CAD$)        $7.3(1)      $1.1(2)        $8.4     Company-wide 
Exploration (US$)         $5.4         $0.8           $6.2     (1) 
Exploration costs required to complete the drilling programs         
announced in September 2015.      (2) All delineation and exploration
drilling for the Beaufor Mine is         included in sustaining 
capital and $1.1 million is related to the Quebec         division 
outside the Beaufor property.      (3) Project Capital for Island 
Gold includes accelerated underground         development of $25.0 
million (US$18.3 million) related to the PEA and         $6.0 million
(US$4.4 million) related to discretionary development         outside
the scope of the PEA.  

"The strategy in 2015 was to best position our asset base for success with a key focus on developing our cornerstone Island Gold Mine. With a 7-year mine life based on reserves, the accelerated mine development program completed in 2015 has pre-developed more than three years of production life. In addition, we have expanded our tailings facility to accommodate production until 2023, and increased the capacity of the mill facility to 900 tonnes per day. As a result of our 2015 project investments, we have the flexibility to manage project capital to ensure we always maintain access to adequate liquidity to fully fund our growth strategy. Supported by the results from the recent PEA completed in October, we will remain focused on unlocking the significant potential of the Island Gold Mine through initiatives that will position this core asset for production growth and significant free cash flow generation beginning in 2017," commented Renaud Adams, President and Chief Executive Officer. He continued, "We begin 2016 with a strengthened management team that brings a renewed commitment to delivering results that positions Richmont for long-term success."

Island Gold Mine - 2016 Estimates

The Island Gold Mine is expected to deliver another year of significant production growth that exceeds the record production achieved in 2015. In 2016, production is expected to increase by up to 22% over the prior year with cash costs and AISC expected to decline over prior year guidance estimates. During 2016, the Corporation will remain focused on an aggressive, but disciplined, development strategy at the Island Gold Mine, which will position the operation for significant production growth and increasing free cash flow streams beginning in 2017, as detailed in the recent PEA.

Island Gold Operational Estimates

2016 Island Gold Estimates     Gold Ounces Produced        
CAD$         US$     Cash costs per ounce               
$900-$960    $660-$705             Sustaining Capex per ounce  
$270-$290    $195-$215     AISC per ounce                       
$1,170-$1,250    $855-$920  
- Annual production at Island Gold is expected to increase over the 
  prior year driven by increased underground productivity that is 
  expected to average approximately 800 tonnes per day in 2016.
- Increased production and enhanced operational efficiencies are 
  expected to underpin a decrease in cash costs and AISC over the 
  prior year's guidance estimates.
- During 2016, the operation will target a planned mining ratio of 
  approximately 60% of tonnes from stoping ore and 40% from 
  development ore. As a result, in 2016, unit mining costs will 
  remain at elevated levels of approximately $135 per tonne (approx. 
  $210 per tonne of total operating costs), but are expected to 
  decline significantly beginning in 2017 as the stoping versus 
  development ore ratio is expected to substantially increase. In 
  2016, stoping ore is expected to be mined from new resources 
  primarily in the second (60%) and third (20%) mining horizons, with
  the remaining tonnes (20%) mined from the Lochalsh West and 
  Goudreau areas located in the upper area of the mine, which are not
  included in the PEA deposit area. Ore development will be primarily
  from the second and third horizons of the new resources between the
  675 and 825 metre levels.
- Following a mill upgrade completed in October 2015, capacity of the
  mill facility has been increased to 900 tonnes per day. In July 
  2016, an additional 3-week electrical mill upgrade is scheduled, 
  during which time the underground mine will continue to operate and
  ore will be stockpiled for future processing. As a result, the mill
  facility is expected to average 800 tonnes per day during the first
  half of the year, in-line with underground productivity. Following 
  the completion of the mill upgrade, mill productivity is expected 
  to increase to accommodate processing of stockpiled ore by 
  utilizing the excess mill capacity. Recoveries are expected to 
  average 96.5% during 2016. 

Island Gold Capital Investment Estimates

Sustaining Capital Investment ($M)                         
CAD$      US$     Capital Projects / Fixed Assets                    
$13.1     $9.6     Sustaining Underground Mine Development    
$2.8     $2.1     Delineation Drilling               
$1.4     $1.0     Sustaining Capital 
Investment                              $17.3    $12.7       Project 
Capital ($M)(1)                                   CAD$      US$     
Accelerated Underground Mine Development                   $31.0    
$22.8     Infrastructure and Equipment                               
$9.8     $7.1     Delineation Drilling (PEA)                         
$2.6     $1.9     Total Project Capital                      
$43.4    $31.8      (1) Accelerated Underground Mine 
Development under Project Capital         includes $25.0 million 
(US$18.3 million) in development related to the         PEA and $6.0 
million (US$4.4 million) related to discretionary         development
outside the scope of the PEA.  
- Project capital in 2016 will continue to focus on unlocking the 
  potential of the Island Gold Mine and is primarily allocated to 
  accelerated mine development as well as related infrastructure 
  upgrades and equipment purchases as described in the PEA.
- Approximately 2,500 metres of ore development and 5,300 metres of 
  waste development is expected to be completed during the year, 
  including 1,000 metres of discretionary development related to new 
  resources outside the PEA deposit area. It is expected that by the 
  end of 2016 the main ramp will reach a vertical depth of 860 metres
  and the east ramp will reach a vertical depth of 655 metres. Given 
  the significant near-mine exploration potential identified directly
  to the east and west of the main deposit area considered in the 
  PEA, the Corporation will review the optimal location of the dual 
  ramp system as described in the PEA, in order to accommodate any 
  additional resources located outside the scope of the PEA.
- The project capital program for 2016 includes discretionary capital
  investment of approximately $10 million (US$7.3 million), with 
  allocation of these funds contingent upon the prevailing gold price
  sustainably exceeding $1,500 per ounce (US$1,100 per ounce). The 
  discretionary $10 million (US$7.3 million) includes 1,000 metres of
  development outside the PEA of $6 million (US$4.4 million) and $4 
  million (US$2.9 million) in infrastructure and equipment.
- Delineation drilling in 2016 will target the conversion of the 
  remaining resources located within the scope of the PEA deposit 

2016 Island Gold Exploration Estimates

Exploration ($M)                                      CAD$ 
US$     Near-mine Lateral Drilling (12,000 metres)            $1.1  
$0.8     Deep Directional Drilling (17,000 metres)             $3.4  
$2.5     Eastern and Western Lateral Extensions (8,500 metres) $0.9  
$0.6     Regional Surface Drilling (7,500 metres)              $0.8  
$0.6     740 metre level Exploration Drift (182 metres)        $1.1  
$0.9     Total Exploration                                     $7.3  
- During 2016, the Corporation will complete the drilling programs 
  that were announced in September 2015. All drilling efforts related
  to this program are expected to be completed at the end of April 
  2016, at which time the Corporation will review all drilling 
  results and, based on that review, will subsequently provide an 
  update on any additional drilling programs that may be planned for 
  the second half of 2016. 

Quebec Division - 2016 Estimates

The Quebec Division is comprised of the Beaufor Mine and Camflo Mill, which processes ore from the Beaufor Mine. In 2016, the Beaufor Mine is expected to deliver another year of consistent production in-line with the prior year, to deliver a free cash flow stream. Development of the Q Zone has been advanced with a target of reaching the mineralized structure in the first quarter of 2016.

Beaufor Mine Operational Estimates

2016 Estimates     Production per ounce                    
CAD$           US$     Cash costs per ounce                     
$1,000-$1,060   $735-$780     Sustaining Capex and Exploration per 
ounce     $230-$270   $170-$195     AISC per ounce                   
$1,230-$1,330   $905-$975  
- Annual production at the Beaufor Mine is expected to be consistent 
  with prior year's production with cash costs and AISC also expected
  to be in-line with prior year guidance estimates.
- The underground mine is expected to average approximately 360 
  tonnes per day (approx. 134,000 tonnes) with approximately 75% of 
  the ore feed from stoping ore and 25% from development ore. It is 
  expected that about 50% of the ore will be sourced from the Q Zone.
- Unit costs for 2016 are expected to average $205 per tonne, 
  including milling at the Camflo Mill. 

Quebec Division Capital Investment Estimates

Capital Investment and Exploration ($M)                    
CAD$  US$     Project Capital (Camflo)                         
$1.1 $0.8     Underground Mine Development and 
Infrastructure                   $4.0 $2.9     Delineation and 
Exploration Drilling Beaufor Mine (24,500 metres) $1.7 $1.3     
Sustaining Capital Investment                                     
$6.8 $5.0     Non-Sustaining Exploration (excluding Beaufor)         
$1.1 $0.8  
- Sustaining capital investment requirements are expected to be 
  in-line with 2015 and include approximately 625 metres of ramp 
  development and 100 metres of vertical development.
- During the year, the 24,500 metre drilling program will focus 
  drilling on the Q Zone extension and in the upper mine that will 
  target new resources and potential mine life extension at the 
  Beaufor Mine. 

About Richmont Mines Inc.

Richmont Mines has produced over 1.6 million ounces of gold from its operations in Quebec, Ontario and Newfoundland since beginning production. The Corporation currently produces gold from the Island Gold Mine in Ontario, and the Beaufor Mine in Quebec. The Corporation is also advancing development of the significant high-grade resource extension at depth of the Island Gold Mine in Ontario. With 25 years of experience in gold production, exploration and development, and prudent financial management, the Corporation is well-positioned to cost-effectively build its Canadian reserve base and to successfully enter its next phase of growth. Richmont routinely posts news and other important information on its website (

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