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19.11.2019 – 11:18

Personal MedSystems GmbH

CardioSecur introduces 3D-ECG for virtual trials at Clinical Trials Europe

CardioSecur introduces 3D-ECG for virtual trials at Clinical Trials Europe
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The German MedTech company will present its mobile 3D-ECG solutions and how they can help to make virtual clinical trials more dynamic and cost efficient.

Please find our latest press release attached below.

Barcelona, November 2019. CardioSecur's 3D 22-lead ECG technology and its patient-centric ecosystem can revolutionize virtual trials. This is why the Frankfurt-based MedTech company will attend the conference for the first time. Clinical Trials Europe conference, previously known as Partnerships in Clinical Trials, has a successful track record of 17 years and will host more than 700 key stakeholders and speakers from November 19 - 21, 2019. It is the premier event for the CRO community and will have an emphasis on virtual and patient-centred trials this year.

The 22-lead ECG-system consists of a lightweight 50g cable with only four electrodes and a mobile app. The interface is very user friendly and intuitively to use as its design was driven by patients. The mobile ECG takes a reading within a few seconds and can help to detect complex arrythmias as well as life-threatening infarctions. Remote patient monitoring, compliance and data administration is made possible through CardioSecur's Integrated Service Platform (ISP) which seamlessly shares the ECG and additional customized data sets with the researcher's infrastructure. The proprietary server cluster strictly complies with both the EU-GDPR and Swiss data protection laws and is hosted within the EU. Dynamic study protocols and ECG pre-evaluation help investigators to effectively allocate their resources and keep trials cost efficient.

Learn more about how mobile ECG-technology can help you bring your virtual trial to the next level by visiting CardioSecur's booth 112A in the emerging services area. We would be delighted to welcome you there!

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Personal MedSystems GmbH develops and sells fully approved medical ECG systems and services for private users, healthcare professionals and aviation corporates under the name CardioSecur.

CardioSecur Active is a cutting edge, clinical-grade 15-lead ECG for personal use. Within a few seconds, it generates personalized feedback regarding changes in the heart's health. CardioSecur initially records a personal reference ECG to integrate the user's heart history. This individual "fingerprint of the heart" allows a more accurate evaluation of the current control reading. The simple recommendation to act indicates whether to see a doctor or not. A reading can be taken anytime and anywhere and does not require an internet connection. The entire system consists of a 50g light cable with four electrodes, the complimentary app and the user's smartphone or tablet.

CardioSecur Pro is the ECG solution for physicians, medical professionals and the aviation sector. CardioSecur Pro is worldwide the first clinical ECG system fully meeting the guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology by providing a 22 lead ECG that operates a 360° evaluation of the heart. It is the only system that thereby identifies infarctions on any wall of the heart and is capable of capturing and localizing even the most complex arrhythmias. ECG sophistication has never before gone any further.

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