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11.10.2018 – 14:08

Personal MedSystems GmbH

Heart Attack more lethal than Arrhythmia - What Apple Watch covers

Heart Attack more lethal than Arrhythmia - What Apple Watch covers
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All ECGs are not equally capable. Apple's recently unveiled 1-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) on its Series 4 Apple Watch allows for screening of cardiac arrhythmias. These are a large focus within cardiology but are far from being the most lethal. Cardiovascular disease, such as a life-threatening heart attack, is the no. 1 killer. Only unique systems like CardioSecur's 15-lead ECG can conclusively detect heart attacks, as well as all other types of circulatory issues and arrhythmias.

Frankfurt, 11. October 2018. Apple recently unveiled its 1-lead ECG app which enables private individuals to screen their hearts for potential arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation (A.Fib). The Apple Watch makes cardiac monitoring seamless and is a good screening tool to indicate issues with the heart's rhythm; however, it does not generate sufficient data for a full cardiac diagnosis. Physicians need more data to make a conclusive diagnosis of cardiovascular issues including heart attacks and arrhythmias.

1-lead ECG technology such as the Apple Watch exclusively addresses arrhythmias. These cover a large part of what cardiology is about but are not the most life-threatening. According to the World Health Organization (WHO)2, A.Fib is responsible for 1/3 of all strokes, thereby causing some 2.1m deaths in 2015. Though this is not the most critical segment. The WHO reports instead that heart attack was the cause for 7.4m deaths in 2015 worldwide. A heart attack is not an arrhythmia but is a circulatory condition of the heart. A heart attack can only be diagnosed with a minimum of a 12-lead ECG, as purported by the guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

CardioSecur is an approved medical 15-lead ECG. It is the only app-based ECG that detects all types of arrhythmias (incl. A.Fib) and life-threatening circulatory disorders like a heart attack. An ECG reading with its 50g ultra-light cable takes only 30 seconds to perform. "CardioSecur's unique ECG data sophistication allows for detection of infarctions and provides direct in-app feedback to users - if medical attention is needed - offering clarity and peace of mind anytime, anywhere," presents Felix Brand, Managing Director of CardioSecur. Its "recommendation to act" brings users and doctors together when needed, avoids delays in acute heart attack situations and prevents damage to the heart muscle.

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Personal MedSystems GmbH is a pioneer in digital health. The company develops
mobile diagnostic ECG devices and services for private users and healthcare
professionals under the name CardioSecur. CardioSecur Active is an innovative
15-lead, clinical-grade ECG for home use. In just a few seconds, it generates
individualized feedback on changes in the heart health and provides a simple
recommendation on whether to visit a doctor or not. The entire system consists
of a 50g light cable with only four electrodes, the free CardioSecur Active app,
and the user's smartphone or tablet. CardioSecur Pro is since the mobile,
clinical ECG solution for physicians and healthcare professionals, as well as
enterprise clients. Since 2018, the aviation industry standardly equips long
distance aircrafts with CardioSecur Pro. Via 22 leads, CardioSecur Pro provides
a 360° view of the heart and is thereby the only system that meets the European
cardiology guidelines recommending evaluation of the anterior, lateral, inferior
and posterior walls of the heart for infarcts.

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