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25.05.2017 – 17:24


Another Hop Forward for JFrog's Universal Solution, a Giant Leap for the C++ Community

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JFrog Brings Enterprise Software Distribution to C/C++ with Conan Repositories on Bintray

JFrog, the DevOps accelerator and creator of universal solutions for managing and distributing binaries, announces that JFrog Bintray, the company's Universal Distribution Platform, now supports Conan Repositories enabling fluid updates for C/C++ users.

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Enterprise companies have millions of lines of C/C++ code in their software. Furthermore, today's hyper connected world pushes many technology companies to create IoT solutions and increase usage of C/C++ code. Using a C/C++ binary package repository is necessary to automate C/C++ code releases in the DevOps flow.

As part of its Universal approach, JFrog is embracing the world's C/C++ community, empowering millions of developers with advanced DevOps tools to help release code faster. Following the acquisition of last November, JFrog added support for Conan repositories in JFrog Artifactory, the Universal Artifact Repository. Starting today, JFrog Bintray will offer C/C++ developers an end-to-end solution for the management and distribution of Conan C/C++ packages, offering a multitude of enhancements that C/C++ developers and DevOps engineers require, including reliability, accessibility, and convenience.

Conan is an open source C/C++ package manager providing a model that reduces the binary compatibility problem while simultaneously supporting all major systems. Conan helps C and C++ developers to build applications and automate their C++ dependencies across platforms. Thousands of developers are already using Conan on production and will soon enjoy the solution on Bintray.

Bintray is the world's biggest binaries hub, providing high quality distribution of popular packages for use by Maven, Gradle, Ivy, SBT, and more, accounting for over two billion downloads per month. In addition, JFrog Bintray natively supports all major package formats, including Docker registries, Vagrant, Debian, npm, RPM, Opkg, NuGet and more. Now, with Conan support, it will also provide superior quality distribution of packages for C/C++.

Native to Bintray, the ultra-fast CDN, with both US and European clusters, will provide the C/C++ programmers with enterprise grade performance and reliability, with data backed up and replicated over multiple cloud providers.

JFrog Bintray easily integrates with C/C++ programmers' existing DevOps ecosystems, such as continuous integration pipelines and internal repositories. A rich REST API will allow them to control every aspect of software distribution, manage who has access to content, collect logs and analytics, and much more, all with the full automation expected from a modern software distribution platform. Furthermore, they can exercise fine-grained access control over who can view, upload, or download from their private repositories.

"Over four million C/C++ developers around the world can now have a full solution that covers all their binary management needs from the development and build stage through distribution to end users and devices," said Shlomi Ben Haim, JFrog CEO and Co-Founder. "Bintray is a critical component of the DevOps ecosystem that C/C++ developers need to accelerate their software delivery while maintaining security and quality on a robust and scalable distribution platform."

In addition to supporting Conan repositories, JFrog is also launching a public C/C++ Conan repository to which Bintray users can freely upload or link their Conan packages. Following the success of JCenter, which is fully managed by Bintray and has become the world's largest public repository for Java packages, JFrog will incorporate quality packages from the public Conan repository,, into Bintray's Conan repository.

"Bintray is already the premier public resource for binary packages. With the launch of the Conan repository and inclusion of Conan C/C++ packages we already have in the public repository, Bintray will become the world's busiest hub for open source software, and the ultimate resource for C/C++ and Java developers alike," said Conan Co-founder, Diego Rodriguez-Losada.

This was one of the announcements JFrog made at swampUP, JFrog's Annual User Conference being held in Napa Valley.

About JFrog:

With more than 3,500 customers and over two billion monthly downloads on its binary hub, JFrog is the leading universal solution for the management and distribution of software binaries. JFrog's products, JFrog Artifactory, the Universal Artifact Repository; JFrog Bintray, the Universal Distribution Platform; JFrog Mission Control, for Universal DevOps flow Management; and JFrog Xray, Universal Component Analyzer, are used by DevOps engineers worldwide and are available as open-source, on-premise, and SaaS cloud solutions. Customers include some of the world's top brands, such as Amazon, Google, Uber, Netflix, EMC, Cisco, Oracle, Adobe, and VMware. The company is privately held and operated from California, France, and Israel. Find more information at

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