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Identify Watches with a Single Click

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Identify Watches with a Single Click
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- Identify and sell watches with just one photo
- Artificial intelligence that can identify 15,000 watches
- Recognizes pictures of real watches or watch images

Identify Watches with a Single Click

Chrono24 releases the Watch Scanner

Karlsruhe, Germany, 12/13/2019 - Searching for watches has never been so fun or easy. Chrono24, the leading online marketplace for luxury watches, has released the new Watch Scanner in their smartphone app. This feature can identify a watch and display its current market value with just one photo. The Watch Scanner compares the photo with around 15,000 watches in Chrono24's database. It then presents the user with the timepiece's brand, model, and a price estimate based on the 460,000+ listings on Chrono24. What's more, users can choose to create an auto-filled listing and sell the watch on Chrono24 or add the watch to their Watch Collection and track its performance.

"It's never been easier to identify and sell watches," explains Tim Stracke, founder and CEO of Chrono24. "This tool draws on our database of about 15,000 watches - the largest of its kind. In addition to setting a new technological benchmark, the mobile Watch Scanner is a fantastic application of artificial intelligence. Plus, it's just plain fun and gives "watch spotting" a whole new meaning."

Find out which watches your favorite celebrities are wearing using a picture from the internet or a magazine. If you're out for a stroll and see an interesting watch in a show window, simply snap a photo to learn more about it. Perhaps you've inherited a watch and just want to know what you're looking at? It's also a fun tool to break out at parties. With the Watch Scanner, anything's possible.

A small team of developers and data scientists has spent the last few months intently working on the Watch Scanner's technology and making it market-ready. Around 1 million images were selected and processed from a total of 6.5 million previous and current listings on the platform. Images that met the size and quality requirements were then fed into the Watch Scanner's artificial intelligence training program. The result? The tool can now identify 15,000 different watch models, allowing users to search for and sell luxury watches with a single click of their smartphone camera. Going forward, the Watch Scanner will continue to learn from user interactions and increase the number of watches it can identify.

The Watch Scanner is now available in the Chrono24 app for iOS and Android.

The Watch Scanner in action.

About Chrono24 GmbH:

Chrono24 - The World's Watch Market is the number one online marketplace for luxury watches. Every month, around 8 million unique visitors have access to some 450,000 watches from over 3,000 dealers in more than 100 countries, as well as approximately 30,000 private sellers (as of October 2019). Chrono24 expects to generate 1.26 billion GBP in transaction volume in 2019. Their platform combines the largest collection of new, pre-owned, and vintage watches with a comprehensive set of services that allows both buyers and sellers to process their transactions in a trustworthy environment. Their global support team offers assistance via email or telephone in 15 different languages. Chrono24 was founded in 2003 and has more than 250 employees in offices in Karlsruhe, Berlin, New York, and Hong Kong.

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