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13.03.2020 – 15:16

Global Communication Experts

Prepare now, in order to get going right away after the crisis

Prepare now, in order to get going right away after the crisis
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Prepare now, in order to get going right away after the crisis

As of January, the Coronavirus has been keeping us busy via media and for sure on a personal level as well, with the cancellation of this year’s ITB. Three months ago, the ailment was unknown and now the world is more or less at a standstill because of it.

One of our most important assets – the unrestricted freedom to travel – is currently limited and the global tourism industry is now fully aware of the situation.

In the past years, we have seen crisis situations across the globe and have mastered them worldwide. We will do it again and are getting ready for the time after the crisis.

Therefore, we have asked tourism experts and journalists to tell us if they are in need of information and communication. Journalists would like us to continue keeping them up to date. Especially now, where our freedom of travel is limited, being informed while they are at their desks is very much appreciated. They look forward to being inspired through the travel and topic ideas that we give them. Overall, journalists will continue to work and do research in order to fill their magazines, broadcasts and books.

Our sales partners have high expectations of us as well, because due to the few bookings being made in travel agencies, they now have plenty of time to do online and product trainings. Even the coordinators from the MICE industry are seeing light on the horizon and have the first inquiries for China. Hoteliers in China have told us that the domestic market is picking up speed and the number of bookings are going back up.

During this time of minimal travel, we want to use it for other activities and of course actively represent you to our business partners and the media. As an old wives’ tale says and still stands today: anticyclical communication is especially important in time of crisis. Everyone who values their partners, will get back more in return later on.

Your Dorothea Hohn & Team

„The effects due to fear can be much larger than through the Coronavirus itself.“

Jens Spahn, Federal Minister for Health of the Federal Republic of Germany

“Times of crisis present a particular challenge to effective communication. It is especially important now to maintain a frequent and thorough dialogue. Above all, we need to start preparing today for what comes after the crisis, so we can react quickly and productively. In the past few days I spoke to a China expert. Because life outside Wuhan is already returning to normal, travel operators are preparing for a big wave of travelers in the second half of 2020.”

Klaus Hildebrandt, Editor-in-Chief, FVW, leading tourism trade magazine

"History proves it again and again - those who keep their eye on the ball and invest in weak economic times emerge stronger from crises. Those who stay focused will be in a better starting position for the upswing. Moreover, uncertain times are also a good starting point for developing new creative activities and marketing measures. The big ones don’t eat the small ones, rather the fast ones eat the slow ones."

Robert Doerk, freelance journalist and publisher of Robert's

"I am not afraid to travel, and above all, communication should not be interrupted now. Panic is a bad advisor; we should use common sense."

Susanne Faust, freelance journalist, beauty and travel

"There will also be a time after the crisis, so it is important for us to continue to develop topics and gather information.”

Carolin Lockstein, freelance journalist, beauty and travel

“I keep myself well informed, and as long as the country I want to travel to has no restrictions, I travel.” The journalist highly values being provided information by GCE.“

Kiki Baron, freelance journalist for travel, lifestyle, and Sunday magazine supplements

"I am currently dependent on information from agencies because I have decided not to travel for the time being, as I do not know how quickly entry and exit regulations can (will) change. I do not want to be stuck in quarantine somewhere. So now I work mostly from my desk and am pleased with the support for my writing. The editors’ reactions vary; many accept my topic submissions, but there are also those that don't currently publish much about travel.”

Jochen Müssig, freelance Journalist for daily newspapers and for travel guides

“Our travel agencies and tour operators are reporting a decline in income, with cancellations of about 80 percent, and trending upwards. (But) from my perspective no destination should stop marketing. As soon as the excitement around Corona settles, vacation bookings will hopefully recover. Today travel agents have plenty of time for roadshows, webinars and the like…now is a perfect opportunity for extensive product familiarization and marketing campaigns in order to promote the desire to travel. Those who stop marketing now will be forgotten when the bookings pick up.”

Anke Budde, Alliance of Independent Travel Agencies

"Crises have always been and will always be part of tourism, even if the magnitude of the current crisis is new for all of us. (But) curiosity and interest in travel and exciting travel offers has never changed. This point is supported by the unchanged high volume of visitors that we are still seeing on Do not be anxious about missing bookings. Use rather the chance to market yourself everywhere to curious visitors - the desire to book a trip will return as soon as uncertainty gives way to hope".

Georg Wiedemann, Genussreisen

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