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13.12.2018 – 08:01

H&D Wireless AB

H&D Wireless Selected by Skanska to Increase Security in the Construction Industry Using the Internet of Things

Stockholm (ots/PRNewswire)

Every year about 7-8 people die in Sweden in work-related accidents, while the number of occupational accidents reported is around 3,500. Some of the most common accidents are injuries from tools and machines, body movement with physical overload, fall from height and stay in hazardous areas with dust, noise and vibration. H&D Wireless, Skanska and Microsoft Sweden are collaborators in a development project for increased security in the construction industry with the support of digitization.

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Skanska has a zero vision for injuries and ill health at work and strives to be a role model in Swedish business. The purpose of phase 1 of the project is to identify and evaluate available technology and analysis models. The objective is to find optimal opportunities for a new industry standard. The project is part-financed by SBUF - 'Svenska Building construction Development Fund'

- "Skanska believes in H&D Wireless and we value their expertise in 
  positioning, communication and IoT security solutions. Today, there
  is no standard in the construction industry, such as handling event
  data and systems that can warn in real-time and thus help the 
  individual in ongoing danger. H&D Wireless is very 
  solution-oriented, and the goal is that the results of the project 
  will benefit the entire construction industry," says Timo 
  Rajasaari, Skanska Health & Safety Project Manager
- "We are very pleased with Skanska's confidence in us, and through 
  this we have the opportunity to further develop and demonstrate the
  value of IoT systems and services that can be offered to the entire
  construction industry," says Pär Bergsten, CEO of H & D Wireless. 

According to the latest SCB measurements, Building and Construction is a profession with over 100,000 companies, which accounts for almost SEK 700 billion and with approximately 300,000 employed only in Sweden. Construction work in Sweden has an international character with a large number of foreign labor. An industry standard is therefore highly sought after, especially in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries.

About H&D Wireless:

H&D Wireless is a Swedish provider of Internet and Things technology and services (IoT) and Real-time positioning (RTLS + GPS) with Griffin cloud platforms and GEPS. H&D Wireless was founded in 2009 with over 1 million wireless products delivered so far for IoT and M2M solutions worldwide. The company develops and delivers solutions that digitize and visualize physical processes, identifying, among other things, the handling of materials, tools and machines with its proprietary GEPS(TM) (Griffin Enterprise Positioning Service) solution. H&D Wireless shares have been listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm since December 2017.


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