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ots Ad hoc-Service: tecis Holding AG tecis continues on growth course

The sender is solely responsible for the contents of this announcement. ----------------------------------------------------- Hamburg (ots Ad hoc-Service) - Sales growth of 57 percent in the first quarter 2000 three new pyramiding funds in preparation - tecis Maklerservice is able to triple its turnover. In the first quarter 2000, tecis Holding AG, Hamburg has continued its growth rate: the tecis Group was able to increase its proceeds from turnover by 57 percent to 26.0 (1st quarter 1999: 16.6) million DM. Result from commissions rose by 37 percent to 9.2 (6.7) million DM, the net income for the year by 27 percent to 1.4 (1.1) million DM. The disproportionately large increase in turnover can above all be attributed to the strong growth in sales of tecis Maklerservice AG, which was able to more than triple its turnover, announced Director of Finance Dr. Hartmut Schüning. As tecis Maklerservice AG operates as a pool for brokers with lower margins, the result from commissions in the Group rose disproportionately little. This is a satisfactory development for the tecis Group, because through the growth of tecis Maklerservice AG, the Group has in all positioned itself even more solidly in its foundation on several turnover carriers, said Schüning. Due to the positive development in 1999 and the good start of the financial year 2000, the plan figures of the tecis Group have already been revised upwards for the coming years. Sales and result from commissions should double by 2002. Turnover will increase to over 200 million DM, the result from commissions to almost 80 million DM, said Christian Steinberg, the Chairman of the Management Board. The net operating margin will rise successively to almost 20 percent, thus increasing the annual surplus to DM 20 million DM. In the first quarter 2000, proceeds from turnover of tecis Finanzdienstleistungen AG rose clearly by 25 percent to 15.7 (12.6*) million DM. The result from commissions increased by 18 percent to 6.0 (5.6*) million DM. After the sharp rise in 1999 (plus 20), the number of agencies once again increased to 64 (plus 3) by the end of March. The planned increase of 25 agencies to 86 by the end of 2000 has already been guaranteed through the "start up 2000-programme", which was introduced in January, said Steinberg. The number of distribution partners was able to be increased by 60 to 965. In the first quarter, tecis Maklerservice AG profited from the continued rising rates on international Stock Exchanges, which further increased the demand for investment funds from brokers and multiple agents. In addition, during the first months of the year, tecis was able to secure the exclusive distribution rights for the very successful fund Nordinternet by Nordinvest, which contributed consi-derably to the turnover increase. The introduction of the new Internet platform also strongly livened up brokers' interest in a cooperation. In the first quarter, 112 new broker clients were able to be acquired. Altogether, the subsidiary was able to achieve a growth in sales of 213 percent to 9.4 (3.0) million DM, while result from commissions rose from 0.8 to 2.4 million DM. In the first three months, tecis Asset Management AG showed a growth in turn-over of 0.8 to 1.3 million DM. Result from commissions rose from 0.4 to 0.5 million DM. The pyramiding funds tecis Global and tecis Dynamic, which were introduced in mid-1999, have had a positive effect and showed an accrual of funds in the first four months of 2000 of altogether 69.8 million DM. Due to this success, tecis Asset Management AG will be launching three other pyramiding funds over the next few weeks. In the first full quarter after its foundation, tecis Versicherungsmakler AG, which covers composite insurance and medium tangible business for the Group, shows a commission turnover of 0.4 million DM and a result from commissions of 0.3 million DM. * After corrective adjustment of composite insurance business spun off into tecis Versicherungsmakler AG Questions: tecis Holding Aktiengesellschaft Dr. Jürgen Gaulke Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit Tel. 0177/679 30 60 Bettina Riecke Fax 040/3603 036 592 Tel. (040) 69 69 51 - 285 Email GaulkeJ@aol.com Fax (040) 69 69 51 - 278 End ----------------------------------------------------- Internet: http://recherche.newsaktuell.de Original-Content von: tecis Finanzdienstleistungen AG, übermittelt durch news aktuell

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