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    tecis plans 1:2 share split

    together with the creation of an authorised capital and a share buy-back to operate a stock option plan

    tecis Holding AG. Hamburg, wants to pass a 1:2 share split at its AGM on 24th May 2000 in Hamburg, in order to make the shares, which have increased in price dramatically since the start of the year, more liquid. The Executive Board and Supervisory Board are proposing to double the nominal authorised capital by means of an in crease in capital from company funds by Euro 5,988,543.00 to Euro 11,977,086.00. As part of the new issue, the number of shares is also to be doubled to 11,977,086.00. After the new issue, each share shall have a nominal value of Euro 1.00.

    Further, the Executive Board and Supervisory Board propose to authorise the Executive Board to increase the company's nominal capital during the period until 23rd May 2003, with the agreement of the Supervisory Board, by issuing new shares (authorised capital) by a total of up to 2,994,271.00 - also excluding the statutory subscription rights of the shareholders. The Executive Board should be able to make use of this authorisation in the acquisition of companies and holdings. There are currently no concrete acquisition plans.

    Additionally, the Executive Board and Supervisory Board are applying for authorisation to buy-back company shares up to a total maximum purchase price of Euro 2,000,000.00, however, no more than 100,000 shares. The authorisation is intended until 23rd November 2001. These shares shall be issued within the framework of the tecis-partner-holding plan 2000 to distribution partners, employees and management of the company and its subsidiaries.

    The tecis-partner-holding plan 2000 is an continuation of the tecis-partner- holding plan 1999 passed by last year's AGM and takes into account the more-than-planned growth of the company. As a result of the continuation of its stock option programme, the company is in a position to offer subscription rights, in particular, to its distribution partners. Moreover, the conditions of the tecis-partner-holding plan 1999 shall apply.The subscription rights can only be exercised after a period of two years. The issuing to the Boards of the company and its subsidiaries depends on the development of the share price of tecis Holding AG compared to the S-DAX. Only when this index is exceeded by more than 10% shall the Members of the boards receive 5% of the tranche due to them - for each percentage point by which this is exceeded.

    In addition, at the AGM the Supervisory Board shall be elected, whereby the current members of the Supervisory Board are standing for re-election.

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