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tecis, one of Germany's leaders in financial services, growing even faster than planned:

- Sales increase almost 65% - Profit for the year quadrupled - Huge increase in representation - Investments in Internet activities

tecis Holding AG, of Hamburg, increased its commission income in the 1999 financial year by 64.9 percent to DM 96,0 (58,2) million, according to provisional figures. This means that it exceeded its planned targets by a wide margin. Commission expenses rose at a slower rate, by 58.6 percent to DM 59,0 (37,2) million, so as a result this financial services company, which specialises in investment funds, was able to increase its commission profits even more rapidly than its sales, in fact by 72.9 percent, to DM 37,0 (21,4) million. Pre-tax profits rose by 243 percent, to DM 12,0 (3,5) million.

Group profits for the year quadrupled, from DM 1,5 to 6,0 million, and net profits on the DVFA definition tripled, from DM 2,0 to 6,0 million. "At the same time," said Christian Steinberg, the managing director, "we laid the foundations last year for rapid growth in the future." The number of representations rose by 50 percent, from 41 to 61, and the number of sales partners by 39 percent, from 653 to 905. tecis financial services also profited, in the year just finished, from continued controversy over the possible taxation of financial investments for private pensions. "In addition to making a very good contribution to the profits of tecis Finanzdienstleistungen AG, the profit shown against the 1999 financial year is after charges resulting from the extension and optimisation of the business structure," said Dr Hartmut Schüning, one of the directors of the tecis group. Moreover, the computer failure in tecis Asset Management AG which had been reported in October has already been charged against these profits.

Because of the high basic effect, and the additional investments planned for 2000 in the fields of Internet and e- commerce, Dr Schüning is expecting the current year to produce a moderate increase in revenue and after-tax profits of more than DM 7,0 million.

tecis Holding will be paying its shareholders a bonus of DM 0,08 per share for the successful 1999 financial year on top of the planned (net) dividend of DM 0,62. The Annual General Meeting will be taking place on 24th May. With this bonus, tecis intends that investors should participate in the very good development of their company, as Mr Steinberg said. The sales of fund policies, meaning investment funds under the "umbrella" or a life-insurance policy, have almost doubled in terms of the number or policies sold in the last Quarter of 1999 compared with the same Quarter in the preceding year. 75 percent of these sales were accounted for by new customers. The increase in sales was also boosted by the two "umbrella" funds, tecis Dynamic Fund and tecis Global Fund, which operate together with DWS Investment S.A., a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank and achieved outstandingly good value growth.

tecis has also been quoted on the stock exchange since 4th December 1998, only the second financial sales company to achieve this position (after MLP AG in 1987). The share price has risen eightfold, from the equivalent of EURO 7,5 to over EURO 60. This made tecis the most successful IPO in official trading for the whole of 1998, and is at the same time the company with the best capitalisation trend in the subordinate index Smax. "Many companies on the Neuer Markt envy our growth rates," said Steinberg, who added that tecis was making a name for itself in the Smax with its convicing story, the enormous growth figures in the market for retirement pensions, and an excellent trend in its share price. "We are very happy with our quotation in Smax, and certainly cannot complain about any lack of interest," Steinberg said. Every month, several dates appear in the programme for meetings with investors from Germany and other countries. Since its stock exchange flotation, tecis has also maintained very systematic investor relations, for instance with road-shows in Great Britain and the USA.

tecis Croup - provisional results für 1999

tecis Group                                         1999              1998

Commission income                                96,0              58,2
Commission profit                                37,0              21,4
Pre-tax profits                                  12,0                3,5
Profit for the year after tax              6,0                1,5
Net return on sales                              6,3                2,6


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