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Expert System Solutions: Thermal Analysis by Optical advanced laboratory equipment

Modena, Italy (ots) - Discover MISURA® product line: the only lab equipment which allow the technicians to get a more complete characterization of the analysed materials!

Expert System Solutions is the key company for the continuous development of new technologies applied to Thermal Analysis during the past 20 years. Expert System Solutions patented the first double beam Optical Dilatometer on first years of 2000! Nowadays, Expert System Solutions is the world leader for Optical Analysis Systems and its product line is composed by:

Optical Dilatometers, which carry out thermo mechanical measurements, determining the thermal expansion or sintering behaviour of several materials, even up to their complete melting. Unlike traditional mechanical dilatometers where the sample is contained inside a measuring system which itself expands with temperature and it is necessary to apply a calibration curve, our optical equipment are able to measure the absolute expansion of samples thanks to the double beam optical system, and allow to realize precise measurements even on very low CTE materials.

Heating Microscopes, which study the melting and fusion behaviour during a heating process and determines automatically flattening curve and characteristic temperatures (like softening, sphere, half sphere and fusion) of different materials: glass, frits, glazes, raw materials in traditional and advanced ceramics, organic and inorganic ashes. With the twofold purpose to fit the standard equipment with norms specifications for test specimens and to increase the number of samples simultaneously tested, a new model has been designed, so the technician can now set up four tests at the same time and perform flash test measurement.

Optical Fleximeter, is the last developed equipment and it represents the latest solution to study the lack of compatibility between the glaze surface and the ceramic substrate in glazed bodies. It represents a valid solution to the residual stresses measurement and it is able to study the pyroplasticity, which is particularly important for bodies that have to be completely sintered because during the final stage of firing they develop an abundant vitreous phase with a sufficiently low viscosity to cause rapid deformation of the material. Nowadays the Optical Fleximeter is the only equipment able to help into the design and optimisation of these technological aspects.

DTA for studying exothermic and endothermic reaction of the materials. One of the most interesting and innovative functions of this instrument is the possibility of carrying out Differential Thermal Analysis on samples obtained by pressing, casting or cutting from industrial pieces, without using any crucible. Thermal expansion, sintering, piroplasticity and DTA analysis can be performed on specimens all prepared with the same methodology and subjected to the same thermal cycle. By doing so, the curves are perfectly comparable on either time-base and temperature-base

Our Technical and R&D Department, with the continuous purpose to meet customers' needs with the latest technology available and customized solutions, continue to develop one of the most effective and helpful tool for technicians working in a wide range of industrial fields We offer also contract analysis and R&D service for Thermal Analysis and a software for the management of the ceramic production.


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