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Ad hoc-announcement. The sender is solely responsible for the contents of this announcement. ----------------------------------------------------- Augsburg (ots Ad hoc-Service) - The management and supervisory boards of lebensart global networks AG have utilized the Allowed Capital II, in accordance with the authorization of the Annual General Meeting of 29th August 2000, and have increased the capital stock of the company from EURO 7,478,910 by EURO 677,520 to EURO 8,156,430, through a management board resolution of 2nd April 2001 and through a supervisory board resolution of 5th April 2001, under the exclusion of old shareholders' subscription rights. The subscription price for the 677,520 new shares will be EURO 5.00 per share. The new shares will be completely taken over by one old shareholder. The liquid funds that will hereby flow into the company, of around EURO 3.38m, will serve the further strategic development of the lebensart global networks AG. Contact: lebensart global networks AG Department Investor Relations Claus Sendlinger, CEO, CFO Stefanie Nützel, Director Investor Relations Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 35 D - 86150 Augsburg Tel. +49-821-345 45 50 Fax +49-821-345 45 59 End of message ----------------------------------------------------- Internet: Original-Content von: Design Hotels AG, übermittelt durch news aktuell

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