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ots Ad hoc-Service: Pironet AG PIRONET and INTERSHOP are combining their core expertise

The sender is solely responsible for the contents of this announcement. ----------------------------------------------------- Cologne (ots Ad hoc-Service) - PIRONET and INTERSHOP are combining their core expertise pirobase Shop Connector Online loans at Rheinboden PIRONET has made a successful start with two technical innovations that are of major economic benefit for product and service providers on the internet. The Cologne-based company is setting new standards in the rapidly growing market segment of e-commerce portals. As part of its technology partnership with INTERSHOP, the internet software house has extended its standard content management package pirobase to include an inter- face with INTERSHOP enfinity: the new "pirobase Shop Connector" combines both systems, which have been operating independently up to now, into a single integrated and comprehensive solution. Product and service providers on the internet can now set up "intelligent" and standardised combinations at information content and sales facilities. What is so special about the connection between pirobase and enfinity is that pirobase interacts with enfinity in its website design and makes use of the product details which are available there. Both sales system and content thus allow joint central access, so that they form a single unit, rather than just appearing to be united because of their joint templates. This is reflected a central search facility as well as in the option of classifying products by the same criteria as for content, and in the association of contents and products. In all, it is a solution that goes much further than a mere web interface. By creating a close and "intelligent" link between the products on offer in a virtual sales system, on the one hand, and thematically or context-related details and experiences (content) in a portal, on the other, internet providers create greater consumer acceptance and therefore gain a decisive competitive edge. pirobase Shop Connector thus forms the basis for commercial portal solutions with sales functions. Regardless of the formats in which the accompanying product details are available, it is now possible to integrate explanatory text, pictures, videos and audio sequences just as directly as documents from a variety of sources and manage these together with product master data under the relevant editorial processes, based on the division of labour. PIRONET integrates online building loans at Rheinboden Another milestone in the development of e-commerce applications in the finance sector has been set by pironetag in collaboration with Rheinboden Hypothekenbank AG. The internet software house has programmed and integrated a genuine innovation into the internet facilities of the bank - a Rheinboden Online Loan. In this way Rheinboden, as a specialist in real estate loans, is among tho first to gain a position in the rapidly growing market of online banking on the internet. The Rheinboden website - www.rheinboden.de - was set up and is maintained entirely with pirobase. By adding an online loan facility, it has acquired yet another innovative and convenient module which enables users to write their own customised loan models on their own computers and then to apply for these loans. What makes this facility so attractive is that a decision about a loan application can be made immediately online, based on a small number of details, so that applicants know immediately whether ur not they can expect a loan. Moreover, the customer benefits from extremely good Germs, as Rheinboden is in a Position to directly pass on all cost benefits gained Chrough its standardised, semi-automatic loan processing method. By expanding its internet facilities to form its own channel of distribution, Rheinboden has set the course for the private customer business of the future. With pirobase, Rheinboden wants to expand its range of internet facilities, so that it can offer further services to its existing and prospective customers. Press contacts: pironet AG Press-Office Im Mediapark 5 50670 Cologne Germany Phone: (+49) 0221 - 454-3768 Fax: (+49) 0221 - 454-3996 press@pironet.com www.pironet.com End of message ----------------------------------------------------- Internet: http://recherche.newsaktuell.de Original-Content von: Pironet NDH AG, übermittelt durch news aktuell

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