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ots Ad hoc-Service: Cycos AG Cycos AG in the process of transformation: third quarter characterized by investments in growth

Ad hoc-announcement edited and sent by DGAP. The sender is solely responsible for the contents of this announcement. ---------------------------------------------------- Düsseldorf (ots Ad hoc-Service) - - Sales on targets - Investments in management, marketing and distribution With a y.o.y. leap in sales of 140 percent, Cycos AG is right on target. In the first nine months of this year, the company realized sales of DM 17.1, as compared with the DM 7.1 million realized by the original parent company in 1999. When acquiring Dolphin CT GmbH, the balance evaluation method of 'pooling of interests' was utilized. On this basis in the following, the group data of Cycos AG for the first three quarters of 2000 are compared with the consolidated figures of Cycos and Dolphin in 1999. The increase in costs to DM 19.2 million (DM 9.8 million) is primarily due to growth-oriented investments and non-recurring redundancy payments, which especially burden the personal costs. In the areas of management, marketing and distribution, the internal structures necessary for a further expansion have been implemented. This involves stepping up the pace of distribution channel expansion, the introduction of a controlling system and higher investments in sought-after human capital from the IT sector. The company's EBIT in the period under review was DM -1.8 million (DM 2.2 million). As anticipated, the net income for the year was positive and stands at DM 0.5 million (DM 1.2 million) after the first three quarters. Cycos AG also anticipates a positive net income for the year 2000 as a whole, with sales volume estimated at approximately DM 24.0 million and an EBIT of DM -2.2 million. End ----------------------------------------------------- Internet: Original-Content von: Cycos AG, übermittelt durch news aktuell

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