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    Vienna (ots Ad hoc-Service) -    BEKO presents results for third quarter of 2000 BEKO Holding AG is in a very difficult phase at present. On the one hand, the economic core figures for the main group companies such as BEKO Ing. P. Kotauczek GmbH show that the turnaround has been achieved, but on the other hand the development on the capital markets is having a very unfavourable influence on the group. As a result, the performance of BEKO shares has shown a development which makes the group appear to be a cheap takeover target. At the same time, BEKO Holding AGs 19% participation in AC-Service AG (which is quoted on the Neuer Markt) and other participations of less than 5% in Brainforce Software AG, Cenit Systemhaus AG and P & I Personnel & Informatik have to be adjusted in value, as in some cases these companies share prices were at a low at the end of the quarter. This negative stock exchange development had a direct influence on the quarterly financial results. Consolidated companies The implementation of the cost-cutting programme and the restructuring in BEKO Ing. P. Kotauczek GmbH is beginning to show results. This trend can be seen from the comparison table for the individual quarters. In the IT business unit the third quarter of 2000 there was increased demand for IT services again for the first time this year, and here a slight trend in orders away from purely Internet services and back to traditional IT service providers may be recognized. Dr Klaus Gschwendtner, formerly a manager with IBM, has assumed responsibility for the areas of consulting, sales and marketing from the start of October 2000. Dr Gschwendtner will push through access to international e-business projects.

    The business unit started its operational activities in August 2000. A contract for the helpdesk area was concluded with a company in the telecommunications industry with over 1,300 clients. In Systems Management, over 45 employees are engaged in providing service to customers in the banking and telecoms sectors. The Engineering business unit has developed according to plan. The CAD/CAM Solutions unit has been restructured as a CAE consultancy for high-end products in the form of a Competence Centre. BEKO Informatik GmbH was able to achieve a substantial reduction in its negative operating result during the reporting period by the implementation of the cost- cutting programme. Mr Bernhard Busley has taken over the operational management with effect from October 2000. The B2B Internet platform Internet Services AG, in which BEKO Holding AG has a 55% stake, started off well in September this year according to plan. This applies both to the technical implementation and also to the orders received, which are already above the plan level at the end of October 2000. The management is rapidly building cooperation agreements with supplementary B2B platform operators. Research & Development The POWER-LINE project is developing according to plan. The basic studies necessary for Powerline, such as the modulation process to be used, chip evaluation and product design, were concluded by Datasoft Systems GmbH at the end of October 2000. Non consolidated companies In BEKO Engineering Kft in Hungary, turnover and results are developing according to plan, with turnover showing an increase of 42% and the operating result an increase of 23% by comparison with 1-9/1999. The full consolidation as of 31 December 2000 is in preparation. BEKO Engineering s.r.o. in the Czech Republic: The change to the management undertaken in the first quarter has already resulted in positive changes. Turnover and results are well above the planned level. Turnover shows an increase of 86%, and the operating result has risen from a minus of CZK 212,000.00 in 1-9/1999 to a plus of CZK 473,000.00 Development of the Group participations AC-Service AG, which is quoted on the Neuer Markt, is now concentrating fully on the ASP area. This forms a meaningful complement to the BEKO strategy and increases the value of the participation in AC for BEKO. In July 2000, BEKO took a 20% participation in Call & Logistik Center GmbH, one of the leading Austrian customer care centres. The first private telephone information service provided by CLC since 23 October 2000 has taken off extremely well. In the middle of the year, BEKO Holding AG also took an interest in the young, high-growth company Software AG, which is a successful and competent partner for software solutions in the financial and stock market software field. In the meantime, TeleTrader has extended its customer portfolio with impressive orders from clients such as BMW, Reuters, SKWB Schöller Bank and its subsidiary, Volksbankdirekt, Wallstreet- Online (Internet stock market systems, option warrant calculators), ORF Teletext and Die Presse. BEKO Holding AG holds 25% of Sybase Austria GmbH. Sybase produces database products and has established a solid place for itself with its products as a niche specialist alongside ORACLE. Franz Kittl GmbH is based primarily in the telecoms sector and provides qualified specialist personnel for the construction and maintenance of telecommunications systems.

    Important developments since 30 September 2000: With effect from end October, 51% of the German software house Pallas Soft AG was taken over. At the same time, BEKO Informatik GmbH (Germany) became part of Pallas Soft AG. This participation is intended to ensure joint action in Germany. Both companies will use a shared training, distribution and product network. Pallas Soft AG is a "Microsoft Certified Solution Provider Partner" and "Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center" (CTEC). Q4 2000 forecast: The turnaround in the operating result in the third quarter will continue and strengthen in the fourth quarter. The group result cannot be planned exactly at present due to the extremely volatile share market.

Summary of main figures in 1-9/2000 and 1-9/1999
in million EUR                 1-9/2000 1-9/1999  Change in %
Sales revenue                          56.14      60.07         -6.5
EBDIT                                         2.15        6.81         -68
EBIT                                          0.66        5.45         -88
EBIT margin in %                        1.2%        9.1%
Profit on ordinary activities -4.01        6.76         -159
Shortfall/surplus (period)      -3.28        6.26         -152
Consolidated profit                  5.55        8.82         -37
Employees (ave.)                      1,036      1,089         -4.9
Result per share                      -0.55        1.04         -153
Quarterly figures 2000 (in EUR) 1-3/2000 4-6/2000 7-9/2000
Sales revenue                        19,425,152 18,089,418 18,627,532
EBDIT                                      1,463,881 -622,947      1,309,303
EBIT                                         1,001,30 -1,142,711    802,350
EBIT margin                          %            5.2%      -6.3%        4.3%
Profit on ordinary                  1,482,91 -637,180    -4,852,405

Shortfall/surplus (period)    1,045,171  -414,688  -3,905,774
Consolidated profit              11,361,552 9,419,928  5,545,570
Employees (ave.)              Persons      1,037      1,047      1,024
Result per share                                0.18      -0.07      -0.66
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